March 23, 2014

Sunday - Rainy and sunny at times

A mostly good day.

Yesterday we drove to Yamagata City and checked into our hotel.  Once we did that, we took baths in the hotel's onsen.  It was quite nice, and not very busy, which made me happy!

After our bath, F called his favourite yakitori shop to see if they were open, so we walked over to the place.  We were able to get in right away, but they hadn't even set up yet.  We watched the cooks build their fires, set up the beer dispenser and shuffle their customers around to make more room.  They did that a little too much and as I was really hungry I even told F that if they did it one more time I was going to move outside and go somewhere else.  They soon got things underway and we were able to have some yakitori.  Most of it was pork rather than chicken.  There was only one that I didn't eat, I let F have the pleasure.  

After our meal, we went to Starbucks and had their Vanilla Frappuchino with Lemony Swirl. That was nice!

Then, we went to the theatre and saw Frozen in English.  I loved it!  It was amazing.  The songs were great, and I loved the story.  I don't want to spoil it, although I feel like I'm the last person to have seen it, but I really enjoyed it.

We retired back to the hotel after the movie and then went to bed around 2 in the morning.

This morning, we got up and had breakfast.  F had a bath again and then we headed out.  My plan was to head to the mall and do a little shopping before heading home.  We shopped at the import food store, had lunch and then headed out.  I wanted to come home, but F didn't.  

I was dragged to the Yamagata City Art Museum where we spent an hour or two looking at photographs and then paintings. The photographs were mostly excellent, of local scenes, but there were a few family groupings that just didn't belong.  The pictures were from a photo competition, so I don't know if they were all the entries or the winners or what.  We also saw some of their permanent collection of art.

We had dinner at BigBoy and had lots of lovely salad. After the night before I really needed it.  

We drove home and got home a bit after 9.  We had stopped at the grocery store first.  F said he'd make carbonara tomorrow, but now he's claiming he's lost his recipe.  Sigh.  

We're having another kerfuffle about bedtimes.  I think I should be able to go to bed whenever the blazes I like, F doesn't agree.  Sigh.  But, I'll try and table that for another day because F was a mostly good guy this weekend.  He didn't have to take me to Yamagata after all, he just did, and that was lovely of him.

Tomorrow I'll have to unpack, do laundry and get myself sorted out for the rest of the week.  Come back tomorrow night for all of the scuttlebutt.  Night!


Rosa said...

Sounds like a lovely little getaway, even with the yakitori joint being chaotic. (I remember yakitori places being so smokey between the open grills and the patrons puffing away on cigarettes!)

Haven't seen Frozen yet, so you must have been the 2nd to last person! (Though it's out on DVD here already.)


Helen said...

Yes, that's exactly right about the yakitori-ya! I had the "pleasure" of sitting next to two smokers plus the smoke from the grill was something. I don't think my lungs have recovered yet!

I'm glad to hear I wasn't the last person to see Frozen! I haven't gone to see an animated movie in the theatre for ages, and it wasn't in English near me, so that's why we went on our trip. I think it had a better message for girls than usual, plus the songs were great.