March 24, 2014

Monday - Sunny and warmish

A good day.  

I went to bed a bit early last night and did wake up early, but I went back to sleep.  Oh shucks!

I got up and had a quiet morning around the apartment.  I showered, had breakfast and relaxed a lot.  

I wrote a couple more Postcrossing cards, then scanned them and the ones I received on Sunday.  I took the outgoing cards to the post office and slid them into the slot while the pick up guy was parked right next to the mailbox.  Yay.

I came home and washed the dishes from the day, and tidied up the table.  F called quite late to say he was going to come home soon.  He checked that we had some of the ingredients with me and then went shopping.  

He came home and almost immediately got cooking.  He made spaghetti carbonara for us.  He's been raving about it for months, but he was a little disappointed in how it turned out.  It wasn't bad, but something must have gone wrong as I don't feel it was carbonara.  

I had a really hard time watching him cook the sauce though.  He kept using metal tongs in my non-stick pan…a huge no-no.  I bit my tongue a lot and reminded myself that this was an old pan and I had a replacement for it already.  It didn't help much, but I did it!

I washed the dishes and then as I had just found out at dinner that F had a party tomorrow night, asked him to take me to the grocery store.  He obliged and I got some chicken, salad and asparagus for tomorrow's dinner.  Yum.  

We had a quiet evening in afterwards.   F watched Kickboxing and set up the bread maker for my breakfast.  Yay!  

I watched a bit of TV from 11 on.  Things have been nice today.  

Tomorrow I'll be on my own, but I'm looking forward to it. I have a few things in mind that I will get up to, wish me luck with that! Got to go. Night!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I have a teflon pancake griddle that only *I* am allowed to use. No one touches it but me. I have never seen a pancake griddle in Japan so I cannot easily replace it if someone damages it. If it breaks or is scratched, I can only blame myself. Metal on teflon for any pan is strictly forbidden in my kitchen. I'm impressed with your being able to not comment on that. I would have had to leave the room.

Helen said...

I know. I was biting my tongue very hard!

We bought a really nice, expensive pan last year that I've only started to use (but everything sticks to it). F doesn't like it, which is why he didn't use it.

If I had asked him not to use the tongs I think he'd have gotten into one of his moods and I didn't want that!