April 11, 2014

Friday - Sunny and cool

A good day!

I got up early this morning, in enough time to catch a bit of Bewitched.  Boy oh boy, is that show dated.  It is so misogynistic!  Darren was always telling Samantha what to do and that she shouldn't use her powers.  It's quite annoying.

I had a long and quiet morning at home. I enjoyed myself, took things easy. I had breakfast, and then I got dressed and made the bed. 

F came home for lunch. I'm not sure why!  He bought a bento for himself. It was smelly fish.  Yuck.  I had to open a window to get the smell out.  He did offer to bring me one, but I didn't want one.  

He left to go back to work and I got on with my day.  I watched my show, and then I went out.  I biked off and did a little shopping.  I didn't get very much, but I was gone for a couple of hours.  I wasn't able to have a rest and reading time, which was a bit sad.  

I came home and not too much later, so did F.  He changed and got ready for his party.  He looked pretty sharp!  He called a taxi and off he went.  

I had the evening to myself.  Yay!  I decided to make my dinner fairly early.  I had chicken breast pieces sauteed and served with wasabi mayonnaise, plus salad and a soup pasta thingy.  It was nice.  

I started the movie du jour, The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.  It was excellent.  I enjoyed it so much! While I was watching it, I did the dishes and then decided to make up one of my scarves.  I bought the "yarn" in the craft store a few months ago and yesterday I looked up the technique when I was in the Internet Cafe.  It went well, and took me just under 2 hours to make it.  I was watching a movie with subtitles at the time too, so I couldn't keep concentrating on the scarf.  It cute and I'll try and post a picture of it soon!

F came home a bit after 10:30.  He said the party was still ongoing, but he wanted to come home. He was happy when he got home!  He also had a huge sneezing fit during the TV show that I watched at midnight…it drove me crazy.  My husband does not sneeze softly.  It was funny, but annoying too!

And that was my day.  It was quite nice.  I didn't do much of my convention project, but hopefully I'll get started on that next week.  I also found out that my column is due next week.  Ack!  I was hoping for month end, but I guess I'm going to be darn busy.  Oh well.  It's about time!  That's it for me.  Night!

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