April 29, 2014

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, windy at night

An okay day.

I got up this morning, came through to the living room to watch my shows and found my husband on the couch.  He wasn't feeling well at all.   

I watched my shows and had a little breakfast, he went back to bed, I thought because he wasn't feeling well.  After my show I went in to talk to him but he wanted to go for lunch.  We stripped the bed and went in search of lunch.  We tried his fish restaurant first, but they had finished their lunch service, so we ended up at Cocos.  It was quite good!

After lunch, we took our bedding over to a new place for us, over by Yamaya.  It was a nice laundromat, but it was so hot!  They didn't have air conditioning on but had big windows with no shade so the heat got trapped inside.  We got our laundry done and it wasn't too bad.  There was a strange guy who came in a bit after us though.  He kept talking to himself and didn't seem to know how to do laundry at all!

When we finished the laundry, we visited Yamaya quickly, got a few things and then came home and put the bed back together.  We've taken off the quilts, but it has just been so darn hot lately that I'm roasting in bed with the quilts on.

F was still not feeling good so I suggested going to the Internet Cafe for a while.  I knew a massage would make part of him feel better.  We went over and luckily there was a chair available for him.  I was able to get a massaging chair fairly soon afterwards, so that was nice.  

When three hours was up, we were out of there!  We bought a new thermometer at the drug store for F and also some groceries for tomorrow's dinner at the grocery store.

At home, F perked up a bit, but he still didn't feel very good.  He finally went off to bed but says he might take a day off work if he isn't feeling better. 

Tomorrow I hope to run a few errands in the afternoon and I'd like to do a bit of work on my Convention project.  Wish me luck with that!  I've got to go.  Night!

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