May 6, 2014

Tuesday - Warm and Sunny, Gorgeous day!

I'm back, but I'm going to make this fast as I'm tired and it is late at night.

We had a fabulous trip to Niigata City.  We met up with an old friend of mine, went to an art gallery, did a little shopping and a bit of eating too.  

We went to the big mall in Niigata this morning and after we did our shopping and looking, we had lunch and then decided to just come home!  Except, F being F, didn't want to come home to our apartment, he wanted to go to the Internet Cafe.  We were there for close to 5 hours.  Even though I was watching Sherlock Season 2, I was a bit sick of being there, so demanded we leave before 11!  

We came home, F went to the grocery store and I started getting things in the apartment ready.  I haven't unpacked yet, that'll have to happen tomorrow, but it is so nice to be back home. 

The drive home was great.  F needed a little break along the way, so we stopped at a place that looked out on the ocean. It was at a place called Sweet Briars Hill.  The ocean was great. It was too early for flowers, but the sun was nice and we took a lot of pictures of the sea.  I'll try and post some tomorrow.  

Sweet Briar Hill near Tainai, Niigata Pref.

Love the Waves

And that's about it really.  There's more I could write, but I probably won't.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Night.

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