June 2, 2014

Monday - Sunny and hot

An okay day.

I got up quite early, caught the tail end of Bewitched and then my other shows.  I had breakfast and read the paper too.  It was relaxing after the last couple of days.

I took a shower, made the bed, and had a quiet afternoon. I did some housework, had lunch (my leftover soup, yum) and even cut up another t-shirt.  

F came home and as usual lately was unsettled but okay.  I gave him a drink and he calmed down somewhat.  Around 6:30 I got dinner started.  Tonight we had chicken leg quarters, steamed veggies and gnocchi in alfredo sauce.  Everything was pretty good, and F did the dishes afterwards.  

We had a quiet and relaxing evening.  I did up four postcrossing cards and F watched some boxing.  We got on quite well and F even asked if I'd have lunch with him tomorrow.  Since he was so nice to ask me in advance I said yes!  

I watched what I think was the end of The Newsroom.  I'll miss that one.  I love shows with intelligent characters. It didn't completely end the way I hoped, but mostly it did!  

And that's it for me.  Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'll do.  I hope to work on another project for my workshop, but I'm not completely sure I'll have time.  My time has a way of being eaten up.  Night!

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