June 6, 2014

Friday - Hot and Sunny

A good day

I got up this morning and relaxed for a while.  I had a light breakfast and then got dressed.  I was really surprised that D-Life started Charmed over again from the beginning.  There are more than 2 seasons of Charmed…I'd like to see them too!

I got dressed for going out and then met up with my friend and her little boy.  We decided to go to Kappa-Sushi.  It is very kid friendly and not too expensive either.  

Afterwards we went over to the travel agent in the mall to book our train tickets.  It was quiet and fairly cool in there so we could relax.  It wasn't too busy either, which was a good thing as what we wanted was very complicated!

After we bought and paid for the train tickets, we went and bought ice creams and had a bit more chat time.  Then, sadly it was time to go.  My friend is recovering from jet lag and was starting to show how tired she was.

I went in my apartment and scanned some of my recent postcards, then uploaded them too.  F came home around 6 pm and I asked him if he wanted dinner soonish.  He said yes so I got busy.

Tonight we had soba fettucine with mushroom alfredo sauce, ground chicken (in the sauce) plus asparagus and salad.  It all turned out quite nicely and came together fairly easily.  Yay.

We had a quiet evening.  F watched some J-TV and then I watched some other TV.  F went to bed fairly early, and I am still up of course! 

I have no idea what I'll get up to tomorrow.  F doesn't really have many ideas, I just want to make sure I'm home to watch Sherlock in the evening.  That's it for me!  Night.

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