August 3, 2014

Sunday - Hot and Sunny

Not a great day.

I stayed up quite late last night. I'm not blaming today on that, just it is a fact.  

When I got up, we decided we'd go for lunch to F's soba place, since he wanted to have dinner there yesterday and couldn't. We got there and had a really bad waitress.  She didn't seem to understand anything F said.  Anyway, I ordered a simple plate of soba, F ordered the "healthy plate" which came with two types of tofu, one of which was deep fried.  When his tray arrived he promptly gave me the plain tofu, which I hadn't asked for at all.  Then, 10 minutes later he put on the katsubushi on top of it.  I didn't know what it was at first, so asked him.  He told me and I said something to the effect that he should have asked me if I wanted it before putting it on.  When I was going to eat the tofu I started to pick off the katsubushi off the tofu.  He got angry with me and said that if I didn't want it he'd eat it.  Fine with me.  I handed the whole thing back.  Seems to me we've been down this road before, haven't we?

He stormed out and drove us home, which had been the original plan anyway.  At 2:30 I asked him if he still wanted to see the movie as we had planned to do.  He said no.  I said,"Well, I do, I'll see you later." I jumped on my bike and rode off to the movie theatre.  I went to see August: Osage County and liked it a lot.  There were some great actors and performances in it, so I really wanted to see it.

After the film finished, I left the theatre, got on my bike and came back home.  On the way, I had a surprise. There was a heron in the grounds of the big temple on the corner in Tsuruoka.  It was either resting or fishing.  I managed to get a few pictures of it.  It was only with my cell phone camera, but they weren't bad.

When I got home, F was still grumpy.  He said he hadn't been out.  I closed the window and turned on the AC because it was so hot in here.  He wouldn't talk to me and was watching Ultimate Fighting. Not good signs.  

Around 7 I asked him if he was interested in getting dinner with me.  I said I'd go to Bikkuri Donkey! but he wasn't interested in going there.  I asked him where he'd like to go.  To a fish restaurant.  I asked if he'd like me to go with him but the answer was a decided no, so I said it was fine and that I'd go out by myself.  

I did go to Bikkuri Donkey! but it was quite crowded, so I decided to keep going.  I went to Gusto for dinner.  I had to wait there too, and there was an annoying man who kept wanting to "help" me.  I hadn't seen the sign-in sheet because many people were in the way, so I signed in and then he wanted to know if he could help me again.  No thank you!

I had a pretty good meal.  I had the steak and avocado salad rice again, with a mini-caesar salad and soup and drink bar.  I also plumped for dessert, so I had a strawberry kakigori with milk.  It was nice and just what I wanted.  I read my book, I was stuck in a corner, but it was okay. I wanted to be out of the way and not bother anyone.  

When I finished I came home again. I don't think F had moved from the spot he was in when I left.  The AC was off though, so I turned it back on.  Honestly, it was over 30 degrees and just bleck in our apartment.  This time he wouldn't talk to me at all.  I asked if I could watch something at 11:00, but he told me I couldn't.  He "graciously" allowed me to tape it though.  

This'll probably blow over, but it's so stupid.  All he had to do was keep his damn tofu to himself.  I  will order any food that I want, if I don't order it, I don't want it.  One good thing is that I got a ton of exercise today! My thumbs are really feeling it though.  I grip my bike handles too tight or something.  

He went out by himself a little while ago, brought himself some really smelly food and proceeded to eat it in the living room.  Bleck.  

That's about it for me.  I'm not sure when I'll go to bed or worse, when he will.  He's still in high dudgeon so I am trying to tread lightly around him.  Got to go.  Night.

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