August 5, 2014

Tuesday - Muggy and Sunny

An okay day.

I got up this morning and took a quick shower.  I was going to meet my friend and I needed one.  I got half dressed and watched part of Charlie's Angels.  At 10:30, I set the VCR and then went out to meet my friend.

We had a lovely lunch at Cocos.  We had almost the same thing, grilled chicken with yuzu ponzu sauce and salad.  I had a bun with mine, my friend chose rice.  We talked and laughed, it was good therapy for both of us!

After my friend dropped me off at my apartment I came inside and changed.  I scanned my cards, both incoming and outgoing and watched some of the shows that I had taped. I also made another cucumber and yogurt salad. 

When my cards were ready I quickly biked off to the post office.  I sent the cards and also bought some stamps today.  There were some quite nice ones on offer, so I got them.  

I came home again and relaxed for a bit. I had to turn on the air conditioner as I was so hot and sweaty.  F came home a bit late today.  He was distant, but at least he would talk to me a little.  He went into the bedroom to "sleep" again, but I asked him to take me shopping.  We did go to the drugstore and for groceries.  I got the fixings to make myself a chicken stew tomorrow night.  I'm hoping to have enough to last a couple of nights.  

When we came home I made myself some macaroni and cheese.  It was really nice. 

F watched news and then graciously allowed me to watch The Following.  It was spooky and gruesome again!  

That's about it for my day.  I'm not sure what I'm going to get up to tomorrow.  I should do some cleaning in preparation for the upcoming drain inspection, which will finally be this week. Come back tomorrow and see what I get up to.  Night!

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