September 24, 2014

Wednesday - Cloudy and muggy

A good day.

I got up early this morning, and even though I didn't like the look of the clouds outside, I decided to go.  I watched a bit of TV, made the bed, got dressed and was off to Machi Kine.  I was lucky and had enough points to get in to see Inside Llewyn Davis for free.  I did.  It was a very Coen Brothers film.  I liked it, would like to see it again, after a bit.  

When I finished at the theatre I rode off to S-Mall. I had tea in Doutor and then grabbed a Subway sandwich and brought it home with me.  

At home, I ate, and did some stuff on my computer including scan my cards.  I watched last week's Grey's Anatomy and just as it finished, F came home.  He'd taken half of the day off and had just finished taking his mum to the doctor. She was having knee problems.  Poor thing.  

He had a call during the day, so he called them back and also called the insurance company.  He was busy!  I finished up my cards as he was doing this and ran them off to the post office.  He offered to drive me, but honestly, it wasn't raining and I told him I'd be back in 10 minutes.  I think I made it in five!

F got dinner under way after that.  We had shabu-shabu and it was nice.  I'm not sure if there was really enough food, but I was fine for a long time so it was okay.  

We watched some TV, I watched a bit, F got to watch some too.  He was in a good mood tonight. He went to bed a while ago and I'll go off to bed soon too.  That's it for me.  A busy and kind of fun day.  Tomorrow I think I'll be staying at home as the weather has become rather bad now.  I have to go.  Night!

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