October 1, 2014

Wednesday - Cooler, a bit cloudy at times

A good day.  

I overslept today and didn't get up until just before 9.  I decided to go for a walk anyway.  My hip wasn't too bad and I wanted to see if my app on my phone worked.  I walked to the park and back, I didn't do the circuits I usually do.  There was a reason though…my hip started to hurt quite badly.  Sigh.  I've decided to skip my workout tomorrow too.  

It was late when I got back to the apartment, but it didn't really matter.  I did some computer stuff and then went over to the couch for breakfast and Charmed.  Right at the end of Charmed, F called to invite me out for lunch.  I accepted.

I got dressed and went outside around 12 and waited.  He picked me up and we ended up going to BikkuriDonkey!! and had their salad-burger-lunch plate.  It was very nice.  

After lunch, he dropped me off outside Grado and I had to walk home  I honestly wasn't too pleased at the prospect.  I was in quite a lot of pain by the time I arrived home.  

I came home and relaxed, had something to drink, and ended up watching Fleming, about Ian Fleming's life before he wrote the James Bond novels.  It was quite interesting and quite…adult, shall we say? A-hem.  Today was a day where I just ended up finding good things on the telly, I also found Premium Rush with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It was a very exciting film about bike messengers.  As a bicycle rider, some of the accident scenes gave me chills.  

F came home during the movie and he got sucked into it too!  After it was over we discussed dinner and decided to try Nagomi, the restaurant that we thought had closed, but had just moved.  So, we went there and had a good meal.  F had a fairly big Japanese meal with rice and soba, I had kamo namban …duck and soba in hot soup.  Mine was good, and he said his was too.

We ran some errands at the drug store and then at the grocery store before coming home.  We had a quiet evening, except F had to watch sports.  I know, it wasn't really that bad.  He even made me some tea tonight, which was lovely of him.  

I watched House and Bones after midnight and that was my day.  I'm tired and a bit sore, so I think I'm off to bed soon.  Unless a miracle happens, I'm probably not going to go out walking tomorrow.  It would be silly to increase my amount of pain. That's it for me.  Night!

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