October 16, 2014

Thursday - Sunny then rainy at night.

A good day.

I woke up a little late this morning, but got up and came through to the living room.  I checked email and then went on to do something I've been meaning to do for ages.  I sewed a button on my winter coat a little better and then I washed it.  I also did some mending that I've been putting off for months.  Yay me.

I had breakfast and did my usual computer stuff, then had lunch.  I really just had a stay at home quiet day today.  It was rather nice.  I thought about going out, but didn't.  

In the evening, F came home from work and we changed and went to the glasses shop.  I picked up my glasses…the store guy adjusted the fit and I picked out a case for them.  I rather like them. I also asked if they'd tighten the screws on the ones I had been using for a while…I did buy them at their shop so it wasn't like it was a huge imposition.  

After that, F and I went to a drugstore to get him a back scrubber!  I found one for him and we trawled the store looking for stuff.  We ended up with toilet paper, because, well, we needed it!  

After that, we went to Cocos for dinner. It was my request actually. I knew I only had a few calories to spare tonight and I wanted to have something that I would like.  We both had chicken.  I had chicken in a red wine and orange sauce, F had chicken with vegetables in a cherry sauce.  They were both quite nice dishes.  

After dinner we hit the grocery store for some food.  F requested yakiniku tomorrow night, so that's what we got.  It should be nice for a change.  I'm not sure if there's enough food, but I hope we'll make do!

The rest of the evening I spent watching TV.  It was my big night and it was quite cool  I watched 3 different stations tonight, which is almost unheard of here!  I even took some time out to do a bit of crocheting on the couch. Yay me.  

And really that's about it for me.  Tomorrow I plan to meet up with a friend and maybe even go to a movie.  It should be fun.  Talk to you later.  Night!

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