December 25, 2014

Thursday - Sunny, with snow and wind

A lovely day.

I got up this morning, but it was tough!  Bed was nice and warm, the living room was cold.  I forced myself up as I didn’t want to be late for my friend and if I overslept, I would be late.  

I watched X-Files, did a little computer stuff and then took a shower.  I even blew my hair dry today.  I found some clothes and then waited for my friend.  

She arrived right on time and I joined her outside.  I handed over a big bag of books to her and she gave me a bag with lots of goodies in it.  Yum! 

We had lunch at The Grand El Sun and it was nice.  Local pork, plus gorgeous salads and soup, bread and great company.  We stayed for a while after we finished just chatting.  Then, we went over to S-Mall to walk off some of our calories before heading to Baskin-Robbins to indulge in a few more.  Sadly, it was time to go home after our ice cream. My friend dropped me off at home and went back to her family.

I went in and spent some time looking up cooking methods.  I made a mental game plan of what I was going to do and then did it. I decided to prep the potatoes and sit them in the pan on the stove until I was ready to cook them, and then prepare the cauliflower.  I could let the cauliflower sit in the garlicky oil mixture for a while.  It would just marinate and get more delicious.  I still wasn’t sure when F would come home from work.  

At his normal finishing time, F called to say he was done and would go and pick up the chicken.  I decided to start cooking.  I soon had the potatoes boiling away and the cauliflower roasting in the oven.  When he came home, the veggies were half done and I kicked everything into higher gear.  

Soon enough, it was all done and ready to go.  I carved up the chicken and helped F have some of the potatoes and gravy.  It was yummy!  The extra garlic I’d used in the cauliflower was perfect and the marinating had helped them become super yummy.  We drank some sparkling apple juice with our dinner and it was all very nice.


After dinner I put the extras away (and there wasn’t much of the cauliflower left at all!)  F started the dishes and I helped by drying a few things for him.  Then, it was dessert time!  I got out the pudding and heated it up.  We had that with a little bit of cream.  So yummy!

We opened our presents from my sister and my friend while we had our dessert.  We both were very lucky and got a lot of great things.  I got mostly clothes, work out style clothes from my sister and a new robe and a skirt from my friend.  I also got what I asked my sister for, a pastry cutter!  It comes in so useful and I’ve never seen one over here.  

 We relaxed and watched a bit of TV.  I went over to the couch and knitted for a couple of hours.  It was therapeutic.  I’m debating redoing my scarf again, or just leaving it.  I think I might just leave it, especially if I can get a third ball of yarn for it.  

A little after midnight, I called my sister on my computer.  She was up, but the craziness of her Christmas day hadn’t really started yet.  I was able to talk to her and my niece for a little while.  That was great!  I couldn’t find out if they liked their presents, since they hadn’t opened them yet!

Anyway, that was my day.  It was quite low key, but what with my cold and all, I didn’t mind at all.  We have lots of lovely leftovers, so I hope to have some nice chicken for lunch tomorrow.  Wish me luck with that!  Night.

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