December 6, 2014

Saturday - Snowy & cold

A good day.

I got up this morning, eventually.  It was really dark in the bedroom, which is my winter excuse!  There was a bit of snow outside, not a lot, but some.

F wanted to have lunch in a sashimi restaurant, I didn’t.  I didn’t feel like cold fish on a cold day.  I suggested the Indian/Nepal restaurant instead, so we went there.  I took a shower first though, a quick one.

We went to the restaurant and had the the same thing, the daily lunch special.  It was quite nice, a “mame” and chicken curry with salad and naan and a drink.  After lunch, we planned to go to Mikawa and see a movie, but came home so I could get my shoes.  We came in the apartment and sat around for a bit.  I suggested going to see the movie tomorrow and going to the internet cafe today for a massage.  We did that!

I took my crochet and made up another big square from 4 smaller ones, plus read today’s paper and a little of the novel on my phone.  I watched Arrow and Almost Human and then started watching a version of Sleeping Beauty but had to stop it as it was time to leave.  

We went over to S-Mall to have a drink and a chat about dinner.  F wanted to go out to Haguro to a restaurant there.  That was fine, but then he changed his mind and wanted to go to an izakaya in Tsuruoka again.  I really didn’t mind too much either way.  We went to the izakaya.

We had a nice meal there.  We had some meat skewers, some salad and some tofu, plus a couple of other things.  It was a nice place to go.  

We came home afterwards.  I watched Orphan Black and then I got started wrapping presents.  The nice thing was that after a bit, F started to help too.  It’s such a relief when I have help.  He got some of my nephew’s presents done and almost all of my brother in law’s, so double yay.  I got the majority of my nephew’s presies wrapped.  

Around 12:30 or so, I chucked it in.  It’s hard work and I was getting tired. We’ve been relaxing ever since.

Tomorrow I hope we’ll go and see the movie finally and maybe I’ll get a few more Christmas presents wrapped!  Wish me luck.  Night!


AB said...

Hi Helen,

Hope you're doing great.

I was searching online for 'Indian restaurants in Tsuruoka' when I came across your blog. I have recently settled in this town and don't know much about the place. So could you please share the address of the Indian/Nepalese joint? Your review seems positive about the place and I'd like to give it a try.

Helen said...

Sure, it's called "Kiripa" and I think it's in the area of Fumizono-cho. It's in a little reddish building on the right hand side when going down the road on the way to Kushibiki. It's past a Tsuruha Drug store (My husband thinks about 100 m, but I'd take that with a grain of salt!)

It's quite missable as it isn't very fancy. They do have a faded Tibet flag outside and an orange flashing light.

The inside decor is quite lacking, but we quite like the food!

And, welcome to Tsuruoka! I hope you enjoy it here :-)

AB said...

Thanks for sharing the address. I look forward to visiting the place.

Enjoy! Hope the winter's not too harsh on you.