February 26, 2015

Thursday - Clear, then rainy at night

An oddish day.

I got up quite early this morning and came through to the living room for my morning telly.  I made myself a pot of tea and watched TV, surfed the internet and even did some of my reading.  I’m quite enjoying Middlemarch.  

F came home for a bit and acted really strangely.  He was looking for medicine but didn’t have any.  He ended up taking time off work in the morning to go to the doctor.  After that, he came home again.  I wasn’t exactly happy to see him because he was quite prickly.  I had just started vacuuming the apartment when he came in so I quit.  He had a headache so I didn’t want to make it worse.  

He ate lunch and then went back to work.  I finished vacuuming and then did a few things around my computer.  I even did a load of laundry!  

In the evening I looked up some cooking methods for the veggies I was going to do and then F came home.  He barely said hello to me and took off his work clothes and went to bed.  I checked on him and he said he’d have dinner with me, so I got on with cooking.

Tonight I did sauteed swiss chard with parmesan and a herb chicken.  We had a salad to go with it too.  I cooked and it took a bit of prep, but when I asked F if he’d like some dinner he said he wouldn’t.  He went back to sleep and I ate.  The swiss chard was amazing and the chicken was pretty good too.  I ate, cleaned up and washed up too.  

I watched my evening telly and during Once Upon a Time I started a new project.  Or, actually, started something to finish off another project.  One of the little bags I made ages ago needs a long shoulder strap.  The method of making the straps that the pattern uses is long and tedious and I hated it!  Yesterday in the mall, I bought myself a little bobbin knitter thingy and thought I should try and make the strap with that.  I have done a little bit with it.  It’s tricky to get the tension right.  My first attempt was too tight, so I took it back.  I may have to do a couple and twist them, or three and plait them, I’ll have to see how it goes.

F got up after midnight and is still up.  The rain started up too.  He tells me that we are supposed to get 30 cm of snow tomorrow.  I am so not impressed!  I’m off on a big trip on Sunday and I don’t want to take my snowboots!  

Anyway, that is about it for me.  Tomorrow I may start packing my suitcase and deciding what fits me well enough to wear. So many things are too baggy at the moment!  I’ll talk to you tomorrow night.  Until then….


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Too baggy is ten times nicer than too tight! You've inspired me to get back on the diet wagon and I had a successful week. My jeans are looser already.

Helen said...

Congratulations! Good for you! I'm using MyFitnessPal, a free website and app for my iPhone to help me keep track of what I'm eating. It's been really helpful.