February 8, 2015

 Sunday - Rainy and cold.

A good day.

I got up late this morning, but I went to bed very, very late last night. I was having an interesting dream in bed this morning. I really didn't want to get up. I did get up and I got dressed. F and I discussed where to go for lunch, and he chose his fish restaurant. It is a good restaurant so I went along with his choice. 

We were able to get a seat quickly at the restaurant and we ordered. I had salmon and F had dish of fish that he kept describing to me as being quote “a fish with a very big eye.” He mentioned the very big eye about five times and each time it sounded more disgusting. I decided not to order the fish with a very big eye, instead I had salmon. I like salmon and it usually doesn’t come with a very big eye on my plate. Of course, his didn’t have a very big eye on his plate either!

After the restaurant we went to the craft shop for me to have a snoop around.  I had a discount postcard and today was the last day.  Even though there were cool things, I decided NOT to get anything.  My crafts are taking over and I need to finish some of them, sometime before I start something new.

I was thirsty so I suggested going for a drink.  F bypassed all our usual places, so I thought that he was going to take me somewhere exotic. He didn’t take me anywhere cool, just to McDonald, but the one halfway across the city.  I don’t know why. We had a drink or an ice cream and then left.  We talked about going to the Chido Museum as we haven’t been in ages. We arrived there and were halfway to the entrance when a woman came out and loudly told F that they were closed.  We had time!  They weren’t supposed to close until 5 pm and it was barely 4:00 pm.  Oh well.

We came home and then F went over to his mother’s to check on her and walk the dog.  While he was gone, I got a bit of prep done for dinner.  I sliced mushrooms, washed the basil, sautéed the shrimp and just generally made sure things were prepared for our dinner.  

When F came back, he prepared the dough in the bread maker and then we took a break.  I thought to do things like clean up the kitchen and just generally make things tidy.  I wiped the table and so on.  

F rolled out the dough and got the pizza ready to load up.  I suggested to him that he get the other pizzas made too, and he did that.  They were smaller than the big one.  

F did his basic load everything on the pizza, but I have to admit it looked good.  He did a bit of a “ramen on pizza” them.  He used chasshu pork, myanma and nori on his as well as shrimp, caramelized onions and basil, plus cheese too.  He put his in to bake when the oven came to temperature and I got started on mine!  I was a bit more restrained.  A bit.  I had bacon and mushroom, pineapple, black olives, a touch of basil and a scatter of cheese on mine.  When F’s was done, he took his out and then I put mine in.  

We ate 3 pizzas tonight.  They were good, although I think the last one wasn’t quite cooked enough.  I liked mine the most, but F’s first one was really good.  Here’s a look at my pizza. 
Bacon, mushroom, pineapple, black olive, pesto sauce and cheese pizza.
All yummy!
 After dinner, I helped F do a little bit of the cleaning.  I had done a lot before so it wasn’t too much for him.  I also asked him to make us some bread for the morning, which he set up.

I watched Blue Jasmine which was good, but mostly because of the actors and the riffing on A Streetcar Named Desire. When it was over, I set up the DVR to record Project Runway and Downton Abbey for me, although I actually watched Downton Abbey.  It was the Spanish Flu episode.  Scary stuff that.  I did some crochet through the show and thorougly enjoyed myself.  I can see the end in sight for this baby blanket.  Whew.

I wrote up a postcard tonight and I downloaded Yosemite to my computer.  I’ve been putting it off for a while. I hope that it doesn’t mess everything up.  I can’t recognize Safari right now though!  It’s all changed, and I don’t like it.

So, a bit of a busy night tonight.  It was a pretty good day overall though.  Not much planned for tomorrow, but I do have to get to the post office and mail something, plus the postcards from last week that I still haven’t mailed.  It snowed a bit tonight, so getting out might be a bit fun.  We shall see.  Until tomorrow!

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