March 23, 2015

Monday - Cloudy then snowy

A good day.

I had a quiet, normal Monday morning. I even finished my latest Sue Grafton novel, which was terrific as usual.  It was a peaceful morning until 11:40 when F invited me out for lunch.  He wanted to go to the nearby Chinese restaurant.  I said okay and that I’d walk over, since it is very close.  Unfortunately, just as I was getting ready to leave the apartment at noon, he phoned me again to say that the car’s tyre had a puncture and he couldn’t come.  Oh no!  At least I hadn’t left the apartment yet.

The afternoon was quiet too.  I scanned cards and then took them, and the present for my BFF to the post office.  I sent them off.  Hurray!  Also, I asked if they had the new Gotochi cards and they did.  I bought two of them.  Hurray for me.  This year’s design is the “tama konnyaku”, which F and I sometimes get when we go to Sendai.  It’s balls of konnyaku cooked in a broth, spread with hot mustard.  I like them, but they don’t taste of much. Good fibre though, and not a lot of calories.

tama konnyaku
When I came home I started to get the kitchen in order.  I did the dishes, cleared the table and washed the nabe.  F came home fairly soon afterwards and after he changed, prepared dinner.  We had a duck and cabbage nabe and it was lovely.  Very nice.  We also had a couple of onigiri.

I did the dishes while F went out to get gasoline.  He was going to wait, but I persuaded him to think about what would happen if there was an earthquake and he didn’t have fuel.
In the evening, we watched a movie on WOWOW.  It was The White Countess and it was very stylish and a little odd.  It had Ralph Fiennes, and a whole bunch of Redgraves in it.  It also starred one of Japan’s most famous actors, Hiroyuki Sanada. After that, I watched a documentary on Bergdorf-Goodman, the department store.  Another place I’ll likely never go. 

The weather was bad, so my TV channel was out.  I don’t have a reason to stay up, so I’m going to try and get to bed a little early.  F is off work tomorrow and will go to the doctor’s office.  After that, I’m not sure what we’ll get up to.  Wish us luck with that eh!  Until tomorrow….

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