March 7, 2015

Saturday - Cool but sunny

An okay day.

I got up early and took a shower.  F came back from his mother’s just before I got in the shower, so that was nice.  I got dressed and was ready to go out just before F was.  

We drove over to the Komagi Spa to meet up with my friend and her little boy.  We had lunch there and then checked out the veggies.  We each got a few.  After that, we drove to City Hall and parked our cars and went for a nice long walk in the park.  It really was enjoyable.  It was so nice to get out of the house and still be warm enough to stay out.  We visited the shrine and looked at the trees and the moats, basically just enjoyed ourselves.

When we had to break up the party, F and I went to S-Mall for a drink at Doutors and then he brought us home. After a few minutes, F went to his Mum’s to walk the dog and do some shopping for her.  

When he came back F wasn’t too hungry, although I was a little.  I suggested going to an izakaya near my old apartment, and then F suggested that we ride our bikes.  That way, F could have a drink or two if he wanted.  

We rode off and had a few really good dishes at Yoro-no-taki.  We had some yakitori, a tofu nabe, some sashimi, a salad and some nankotsu.  Everything was good.  F had a couple of beers and I had an umeshu as my second drink.  It made me a bit silly! We came home by bicycle and I asked F if he was going slow for me and he said he was!  I asked him to ride a little faster since he was too slow.  

At home I watched Helix and then made the mistake of going over to the couch to watch the new show on WOWOW, Penny Dreadful.  F was the original noisy man.  He was clunking his mouse and kept exclaiming that he didn’t understand some stupid puzzle.  However, I think he was looking at a gif of the puzzle’s solution so I’m afraid I wasn’t too sympathetic.  I turned up the volume and when he said it was too loud I told him HE was too loud.  He stormed off and then went and set up the bread maker.  Of course, he was extremely noisy doing that too.  I told him tonight that I wanted to put the show on dvd so I don’t understand why he thought it was okay to be a jerk through it.  Since I recorded it for later, I’ll probably re-watch it during the week because I have very little idea about what happened.  

After he set up the bread maker he decided to go to the grocery store and rode his bike there.  Unfortunately I think he had a puncture because he said he had to walk home.  I did offer to lend him my bike so I don’t feel that bad for him.  My bike is in good condition because I use it all the time.  

And that pretty much was my day.  F is claiming that he isn’t feeling well, which is a shame if it is true.  I want him to enjoy the weekend as much as possible. I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow, but I hope things will go well.  Until tomorrow….

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