April 27, 2015

Monday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up around 9 this morning and had a relaxing time watching my show, drinking tea and just vegging!  After it was over I made the bed and then worked out a little.  I had a good workout today.  

I took my shower in the early afternoon and had lunch too.  F had made bread overnight and it was good.  He put some shiso in the bread and when I toasted it, the shiso was lovely.  This was one experiment that worked! 

I worked a bit on my Journal article today. I wrote a bit, but I also did some research on it too.  Yay me.

I cooked dinner for us tonight.  We had the leftover nama pasta and sauce, plus bacon and salad.  We’d only been able to get shredded cabbage last night, so I grated one of the carrots and added that to the salad.  It was good.  Dinner was much nicer than I expected.

F did the dishes and we settled in for a nice night.  I noticed that The Italian Job was on NHK tonight, so I watched that.  F watched it for a bit too.  It was the remake with Jason Statham.  I had seen it before, but it was before I really knew who Jason was!  Plus, he had hair back then.   It was fun.  I did some crochet during it and even finished up all of my brown squares.  Yay me.  I just have to finish darning in their ends now.  Boo!

I managed to wake F up to go and have a bath and now we’ve been sitting up on our mutual computers chatting a bit and getting ready for going to bed.  I’m not sure what I’m going to get up to, but I’m inviting you to come back and find out.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I would never have thought to put shiso in bread. Rosemary and other italian-y herbs, yes, but shiso? Now I'm curious. Was it dried beforehand?

I guess Japanese put mugwort (yomogi?) in bread, too, so maybe shiso is not so out there.

Helen said...

Yes, it was dried. It was also the red kind. We got it at a farmer's market. It wasn't so noticeable before toasting, but something about the toasting really brought out the flavour. It was really nice. (I love shiso!)

Hmm...I've had yomogi (?) tea, but not bread. That's a good idea!

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