June 11, 2015

Thursday - Sunny and hot, cloudy and rainy at night

A better day!

Well, I had myself an adventure today.  I just decided to get out of Dodge, so I did my daily computer stuff and then got dressed and biked off.  

I went to the Internet Cafe by bicycle.  It took about 20 minutes and was a nice ride.  I got a massaging chair and was there for the next 3-4 hours.  I had lunch there too, as they have a reasonable lunch special.  I expected F to call me, but he didn’t. 

A bit before 4 I decided to go to the mall and do a little shopping.  I biked off again, and looked at the hundred yen shop, then had tea in Doutors.  I also finished reading my Journal there.  Yay me.  I picked up a yogurt and also a Subway sandwich in case things went wrong at night.  I got it without a dressing so it shouldn’t go soggy overnight…I hope!

I came home but as I left the mall, I noticed that F had called me.  I called back and we chatted.  I told him I was just leaving the mall and was on my way home.  He was on his way to his mother’s.  

A little while later, I was home and F came home.  He was okay, we didn’t fight or anything.  He was tired from work and took a bath.  Then he realized we hadn’t eaten yet so he suggested a local Chinese place. It wasn’t my favourite, but it was okay.  We went there and had a good meal.  I asked about cooking tomorrow night, but he suggested going to the Internet Cafe for the evening.  Hmm. It’s okay by me really.  I probably wouldn’t take my crochet there though.  It’s getting to big to travel around.  

We had a nice evening, I did more crochet on the couch during House, and then came back to my computer. F did go to bed fairly early as he is quite tired.  

Oh, here’s today’s picture of last night’s crocheting.  
June 10th's crochet joining.  Look, the middle is all done!
Tonight, I wrote out some postcards and I’ll send them tomorrow in the afternoon. I should do some laundry too as I’ve let mine slide this week.  I also should do some walking videos.  I got lots of exercise today, but it wasn’t quite the same.  

Until tomorrow….

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