June 6, 2015

Saturday - Cloudy and a little muggy

A good day.

I got up quite early, but took a sleep on the couch.  I then took a shower and after checking my email, another sleep!  F came home around 1:30 and we chatted for a while then he tried to take a nap.  

We went out for a late lunch, but the place I wanted to go to was closed already.  We went to Mos Burgers and had our lunch.  It was quite decent really.  

After lunch we checked out the large size shop for me, but there wasn’t anything that I was interested enough in to try on.  I took F to S-Mall, hacked the 100 yen shop and then went to Doutor where I bought him an iced tea.  We came home after that, well, I did, F went over to his house to walk the dog.

When he returned, we went out for our dinner.  Tonight we went to Nambayshiki and I had soba, he had katsudon.  Mine was quite nice, I’m not sure about his.  

We drove over to the theater and went to see Birdman.  It was odd but compelling and I really liked it.  I understand why Michael Keaton was nominated, but I still don’t understand all the hate for Eddie Redmayne winning the Academy Award.  

We came straight home after the movie and I was able to do a little more crochet.  Hurray for me.  It might not look like I did a lot tonight, but I actually did!  When you see tomorrow’s picture if I have time to take one, you can judge me!

Up to June 5th's work

I’m now watching Taylor Swift on NHK.  She’s quite a performer.  I like her, but haven’t had a lot of her music before this. 

Not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow, hopefully I’ll be able to fill you in on all of the details.  That’s it for me….until tomorrow….


Gaijin Wife said...

I love the Mentalist and possibly have a crush on Jane. Is there a new series out or were you watching an old one? I love the sound of all the post cards you get and send. It must be a fun hobby! I am the only English speaking foreigner in Kunimi and I have had random post too - anything thats written in English - even though it is blatantly completely different to my own address!! I once had a friend in Osaka send a letter to Katy, Kunimi, Oita - just to see if it would get here. It did :)

Helen said...

I think it is an old one. I'm watching on BS 258 D-Life...The Mentalist just started a few months ago, so this is the first season of it. D-Life shows a lot of US programmes like House or Bones, ones that I've never seen because I've been over here so long!

I'm on Postcrossing.com so if you are interested in joining up just check it out. I've been doing it for about 3 years now so I send a lot of postcards now. Happily, it is still quite cheap to mail them in Japan...much more expensive in Canada. I love it...no commitment, one card and done. I don't have to keep writing to people :-)

That is too funny about receiving a card like that. It's happened a couple of times before too, I've received other foreigners mail. This was a postcard, so I guess they thought they'd just slip it in with mine. I didn't know the person that it was for though.

Thanks for visiting today!

Helen said...

These comments should really be attached to June 5th's entry, not June 6. Oops!