July 23, 2015

Thursday - Rainy and cooler

A good day.

I overslept again today.  I didn’t check my alarms before bed and I had turned some of them off yesterday, so I just didn’t wake up.  It was late when I did wake up. I got up and got dressed in my workout clothes, and didn’t have my couch time.  Sigh.  

I did my workout this morning/into afternoon.  I did two shorter ones again, but had a pretty good workout really.  I also ended up watching Jeremiah Johnson, the old Robert Redford film.  I noticed that WOWOW had Dances With Wolves on, so it seems that Japanese TV wanted me to watch a western today!  While I was watching the movie, I sat on the couch and darned in the ends of the navy-blue squares.  Yay me.  

In the later part of the afternoon I took my shower and then worked on packing up my niece’s present.  I found a box to use, but it was full of something, so I put the stuff away. 

I washed dishes and had a very late lunch.  While I did that, F called me and then the phone died.  I think it was his speaker on the earphone.  I couldn’t hear him, but he could hear me.  I told him I thought he was calling to say he was going to his mother’s and that he’d be home after that.  I was right!

F got home a bit after 6 pm, and I asked him to take me to the main post office to buy a box and send off the presents.  He found a box with his stuff in it and we used that after he emptied it.  I hadn’t wanted to use the other box as it had my address written all over it in marker. We taped it up and went to the post office.  I was organized and got everything done quickly.  F paid for the mailing and off we went.  

I asked for Indian food for dinner tonight, so we went to the new place.  It was nearly empty when we went in, but another family came in after us.  We had the set meal and quite enjoyed it. I had chicken curry and F had seafood.  He liked his too.  

We bought a few groceries and then came home.  I watched House and did more darning in of ends on the couch. I got all the Petrol squares finished now, so I can start on the big squares again.  Those’ll be fun.  

And that’s mostly my day.  I did write a few cards for Postcrossing tonight, and I received a couple in the mail too.  I also got some Gifu Gotochi cards in the mail so that was nice.  

In the morning I have to get up and make soup.  I’m going to try out my new slow cooker and use up some of the veggies I just bought to make something nice for us for dinner.  That’s the plan anyway!  Come back later and find out what my day is like.  Until tomorrow…. 

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