August 12, 2015

Wednesday - Hot and sunny.  Yawn.

A weird day!

When I wrote about having something different happening today, I had no idea how prescient that was! F left this morning for work and the doctor, or perhaps the doctor and then work.  

I actually was up before my alarms and was on the couch and watching some of A Good Woman, which was a version of Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan before my show came on.  I didn’t watch all of it. It was too early in the morning for Oscar Wilde. (Tell me I didn’t just write that.  Ack!) After my show I did a little bit of net-surfing and thought about my workout.  I was planning to do a fairly long one today, but just as I was about to start, I heard the outside door open.

F had come home.  His hand was completely wrapped up in bandages and gauze, his arm was in a sling and he had a bag full of medicine.  He had been to the doctor all morning and they had done a kind of surgery on him and he had to go back in the afternoon too.  He was tired from the medicine, so he went and took a nap, and I did a short workout.

I was watching a lunchtime detective show when he got up and left to go back to the doctor’s office.  I was a tad surprised, technically it was afternoon, but I didn’t think he would go back so soon.  He came back about 20 minutes later.  He was groggy when he woke up and read the clock wrong!  

He went back to sleep.  I scanned cards and then took a shower.  I finished around 3 and F was going to leave for the doctor again.  I asked him if he wanted me to come with him.  At first he said no, but then he changed his mind.  

We got to the doctor’s office and were shown into the back.  The nurses took off the bandages and then the doctor did a few more things to his hand and then they re-bandaged it.  The doctor actually apologized to us because the next few days his office is closed for Obon.  If F has any problems, we have to go to the Emergency Department in the hospital.  

We paid, or rather, I paid from F’s wallet as it is hard for him to do things like that one handed.  We had a very late lunch/early dinner at the nearby Kintaro Sushi and then came home.  F took some medicine and went back to bed.  

I stayed up and didn’t put on the TV until it was time for Nikita at 9:00pm. After a while, F got up and I did a few household chores.  I did some work on my blanket during Nikita and it is going well.  Yay.  No pictures today, I was too busy!

F took a shower later on, so he took off the bandages (I suggested just wrapping up the hand in a plastic bag, but he didn’t like that idea).  Afterwards we re-wrapped his hand.  I helped, but I’m not sure if I did very much. F ended up doing it himself mostly. 

We watched a bit more TV and F actually stayed up to watch the re-broadcast of the House final episode.  I enjoyed the series overall, Hugh Laurie was fabulous.  

Anyway, that was my day.  We had originally planned to go to a movie tonight because F was (and still is) taking tomorrow off, so I thought that would be a big change to my usual stuff.  However, this was much, much bigger!  

Come back later and find out what we get up to on our Thursday!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

That does sound like a weird day, just a little out-of-the-blue surgery? Yikes. I hope F's hand gets better soon, poor guy! Sounds like you'll be playing nurse over the next few days.

Helen said...

Thanks for your good wishes for F. He's off to the hospital this morning so he can get another shot of antibiotics.

Cat bites are quite dangerous, I really didn't know until now though!

Rosa said...

All that excitement about F's new cat wrangling career made me skip posting about your new blanket! I really love the seaming (is it called that? the connecting stitches, I mean) done in the pale blue. It has such a lovely retro feel to it. What would the Japanese say? Natsukashii?

Helen said...

Thank you....and just wait for tonight's episode of my life!!!

Helen said...

And yes, I think Natsukashi if you mean nostalgic or retro!