August 14, 2015

Friday - Cloudy with a bit of rain, slightly cooler

A good day. 

I got up a few minutes after 9, so late, came through to the living room and watched my show.  I read my blog and had breakfast too.  I tried to do laundry and discovered that F had left a load of clothes in the washing machine, unwashed.  I tipped them out, and threw some of mine in.  I decided to let them soak for most of the day.  

I took a shower and then got dressed of course.  I had tried to get ready to leave the apartment by 11:30, but failed miserably!  I did leave around 12, and got to the hospital around 12:30. I had a nice walk over, which I used in lieu of my usual walking behind the couch!

F was looking very chipper when I got to the hospital.  The anaesthetic in his arm had worn off so he could use his right arm again, if not the hand.  He looked so much better.  We spent quite a lot of the day together.  He was up and walking around a lot.  We even went and took selfies in the lounge, see?!

Channelling Rocky, his favourite movie. 

In the afternoon he was getting a bit tired so I encouraged him to take a nap.  It got so noisy in his room just as he tried to sleep, but eventually things got quiet and he slept.  F’s sister came in for a second, but left again.  She’ll probably come again.  I sat and knitted.  I’m working on a cowl in the round. It is really the perfect project for this.  I can drop it in a second or two and I’m only doing garter stitch, so mindless and easy.

F woke up a little before they served his dinner, so I sat with him while he ate.  He had saba (horse mackeral) tonight, not a fish I really like, so better him than me!  After he finished dinner I washed his chopsticks for him and then he walked me downstairs to the door and saw me off.  I was a tad surprised that he would do that, but it was sweet.  

I hope he sleeps better tonight than he did last night.  He couldn’t sleep because his hand hurt a lot overnight.  

I came home tonight and started my load of laundry.  I also took some clothes out of the drying room and put them on the couch to deal with later.  I started getting dinner ready too.  For the next few hours I was quite busy.  I had dinner which was spaghetti with a truffle sauce, smoked duck and salad.  Very yum.  I also did more laundry, I washed F’s laundry from the washing machine.  I hung everything up, searched out more clothes and things to take to him at the hospital and then boxed up a bunch of my pants that are too big for me to wear.  I like black apparently!  The majority of the non-jeans that I put in the box were black.  

I did dishes and didn’t really get to spend time at my computer until 11:30.  It’s after 2 am now and I have to get some sleep, so please forgive me, but this is the end for now.  Come back later and I’ll tell you all about my next day.  Until tomorrow….


MsMouse7 said...

So glad F is feeling better. That's quite the bandage on his hand. Are you sure it wasn't a tiger or cougar that bit him instead of a little ole pussycat? What a lovely selfie of the two of you! Best wishes to F for a quick recovery.

Helen said...

Thank you for the nice words! Nope, it was a "house cat" although I think it was one that had probably grown up wild.

I'll pass on your well wishes to F this morning.

Thanks for visiting :-)

Rosa said...

All your hard work is paying off! Way to go! It's nice to get rid of larger clothes, isn't it? And I know what you mean about the all-black wardrobe. That's mine, too, mostly.

F looks chipper! Hopefully that means he's on the mend. Soon he'll be ready to run up the million or so stairs outside the Philadelphia museum like Rocky did. (I've done it, just like Rocky--only with less running and more wheezing and huffing and puffing and a few curses thrown in.)

And just to stick with the Rocky-based advice, you can always tell F to stick to chasing chickens around! No more cats! :D

Helen said...

I love the Rocky-based advice. He'll love the bit about chickens...he talks about those scenes all the time!

I'm a bit sad about all the clothes to be honest. I won't be able to replace them for 6 weeks. I'm still not able to buy clothes here in Japan!
But, I am a little happy too. I can get some new clothes that fit in Canada :-) (and not feel too guilty.)