August 2, 2015

Sunday - Hot and Sunny

A Very Bad Day

F has been in a horrible mood all day.  I’m sure he’s not completely to blame because I’ve not been feeling very well and am getting tired of his nonsense.

This morning I was accused of stealing the soup packets from his newest ramen, because 8 years ago I threw away the 20 packets that he left all over the shelves in the kitchen.  He keeps his ramen in a very tall cabinet that I can’t reach into without a stepladder.  Obviously I must have done it. 

We tried to go out for lunch to one place but the parking lot was completely full, so I suggested a nearby, slightly pricier place.  He went, but kept muttering about how expensive things were.  I had  “hot sand” which came with a few potato chips and a drink for about 850 yen, he had beef curry which also came with a drink.  I’m not sure how much his was.  I also don’t think they were that expensive for what we got.

After lunch, we went to Yamaya for him to get his ramen soup packets, except they didn’t sell any and they weren’t selling the same type of ramen.  I picked up some tortillas since I had used our package on the pulled chicken.

We went to the Chido Museum so F could look at his Katanas.  They were beautiful but deadly. F enjoyed himself, or seemed to.  

When we were driving away from the museum I asked what we should do next, so he suggested going to the mountains.  I said it was okay, but I’d like to use a washroom first and maybe I would need a jacket.  I was told I wouldn’t.  

We drove to S-Mall and I used the washroom and when I came out, F didn’t even look at me, he just walked off.  I asked him what was wrong and he gave me some stupid answer and took off.  I asked him to wait for me, and when we got close to the door I said I was going to get a bottle of water of water for the car.  There was a vending machine out one of the doors.   He said, “ I’ll go to the grocery store, it’s cheaper.” Then he turned around and took off.  He didn’t even wait for me.  I called after him twice but he didn’t acknowledge me so I bought my bottle of water at the vending machine and walked home.  

When I got home about 15 minutes later I was hot, my feet hurt as my feet were sliding all over inside my shoes and I was sweaty too.  A few more minutes later F called me to check where I was.  I told him I was home and he was angry.  He insisted that I walk back to the mall to meet him and I refused, told him I didn’t want to go to the mountains and hung up on him.  

He came home quite angry with me.  Apparently, the can of cheap root beer that F had bought in Yamaya had burst open and there was root beer all over our stuff. I ended up having to deal with it.  F was not nice, which I do understand to a degree, but if he’d been a touch nicer in the mall none of this would have happened.  

We gave each other the silent treatment for most of the night.  He did offer to take me out for dinner after I asked about dinner, but got mad at me and stormed off for ramen.  Then when he came back, he wanted to take me out for my dinner, but of course I had already eaten some of my leftovers.  

The rest of the evening passed fairly quietly.  I watched Project Runway at 11:00pm and did a little crochet. F took his bath and then went to bed fairly soon after that, I’m happy to say.

We haven’t had a big argument like this in a while.  I really hate fighting with F but there are some times when I am just tired of being a pushover and taking his nastiness.  Yesterday was such a good day because we had it all planned out and today we had no plans…it happens like this too many times.  

Anyway, today is over, I am so glad about that. I just can’t wait until tomorrow….

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