August 3, 2015

Monday - Hot and Sunny

A better day.

I got up fairly early for me today.  I wanted to try and fit in my workout in the morning before my TV drama, rather than afterwards. I slept through the first 30 minutes of my alarms, but did get up half an hour early.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to start much before 9:00, but I did do my workout before turning on the TV and watching my show.  Yay me.

After my show I still had the same result.  Yup…napping on the couch.  It just happened, I didn’t mean to, honest! However, I got up, moved over to my computer desk and got a lot of the stuff done early.  I took a shower too and then a little after 3 I biked over to the train station.  I bought my tickets for Thursday without too much difficulty, and then went back to S-Mall for a late but nice lunch.  

I had a sandwich at Subway and a hot tea, then biked home again.  

At home I passed a quiet late afternoon and an early part of the evening.  F didn’t come home until 7:30 and wasn’t very talkative.  He went to bed right away so I went in to talk to him.  He didn’t want me to talk to him, he didn’t say that, but his actions told me.  I told him I’d leave him alone and did.  He got up soon after and made himself some ramen. I had some of my leftovers from Thursday for my dinner.  It was nice, but I’m nearly finished them!

I did my dishes and didn’t say too much to him.  I asked if he was going to watch something at 9 pm but he wasn’t, so I put on Gossip Girl and sat on the couch and crochet.  I think I have now finished all of the squares that I need for the second baby blanket.  Tomorrow I’ll try and lay out the pieces and see how I like it.  I have a couple of options now for how it looks.  

F went to bed fairly soon after that, and I went back to my computer.  I had a quiet evening watching re-runs, which weren’t all re-runs to me!  

Not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow.  I hope that things continue to improve with F and I.  That’s it for me for today though.  I’m off to bed.  Come back later and find out how my blanket is.  Until tomorrow….

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