September 1, 2015

Tuesday - Cloudy, rainy at night

A good day.

I got up a few minutes late this morning, no big deal. I watched my show and had breakfast too.  The time got away from me again and I started my workout a bit late.  I got a bit tricksy this morning and turned off my phone.  I didn’t want F to call me in the middle of my workout.

Of course, F came home during my workout!  Luckily, it was at the end of it, so not too bad, but it was funny.  He would try to get past me, but would time it so that he wouldn’t get in my way.  It was a bit like timing jump rope when you want to join in with someone else!

He brought us some black oolong tea, which was a nice treat.  It’s the kind that is supposed to cut fat from your food.  He had his bento and then left for work again.  

I had a quiet afternoon.  I did work on my column and got it almost done.  I tweaked quite a bit of it, better word choices, better grammar, that sort of thing.  I finally sent it off to the editor.  Yay.

I got started on dinner just a few minutes before F came home.  I did all the dishes from the day and cleaned the kitchen up first.  I was using a spice packet on the meat so had to ask F how to make it up.  

For some reason, F thought I was ready for him to eat and he came through to the kitchen, but I actually hadn’t even started cooking yet!  I chuckled a bit at that.  Usually, I can’t get him to come to the table, today I had to send him away.

I cooked dinner and it was quite good.  We had ginger pork, plus fried mushrooms, steamed broccoli and salad.  It got good reviews and I have to admit was quite nice. After dinner I put things away and then left the area.  

F was watching a big volleyball game again, so he didn’t do the dishes for ages.  In truth, I think he had forgotten about them until I reminded him!  He did them and then peeled a couple of nashi for us.  Yum!

During Grey’s Anatomy I went over to the couch and did more crochet.  All the squares are attached now, but it still isn’t finished.  It might take a couple of nights, but I am close.  Yay.  If I have time tomorrow I’ll try and take a picture.

I had a quiet evening really.  I’m making the modern version of a mixed tape so I’m trying out different songs to try to get a good mix.  The thing is, I use a lot of older songs and I’m trying to make a fun cd to sing along with or to listen to more than once or twice.  

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to get up to tomorrow.  I’m planning to go out with a friend tomorrow for lunch and then depending on weather/money/how I feel I might try and have my hair cut.  It’s starting to need it again.  I actually pinned it up when I was cooking tonight! Beyond that, I haven’t really planned yet.  So, please come back later and find out what happens with me!  Until tomorrow….

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