September 28, 2015

Monday - Cool but sunny - gorgeous day

A good day.

I went to bed early last night, but woke up early, played a game on my phone and then went back to bed! I overslept a tad, but no big deal.

I got up and had breakfast.  I had Prince Charles' cereal and greek yogurt.  It was yummy!

My sister had agreed to take me out to Leduc today, so we drove out there and I did a little shopping.  I had some good luck today. I bought a few tops and a couple of pairs of pants.  I got some jewelry and a belt too.  I liked that.  We toured through a Michaels too, but even though they had cool yarn, I didn't buy any.  I didn't have a project in mind and I have too many lined up at home.

We came back to my sister's and we had lunch.  We relaxed for a bit and then my sister picked up her son and I did a work out at home.  Afterwards, I did a workout, just a short one.  It was fun to do it in a place with lots of space.

My sister and her son and I went to the grocery store.  I did a little shopping for things for me to take back.  I got some popcorn flavouring, gravy mix and a slow cooker flavourer.  Hopefully  they'll all be good.

We had a good dinner of fish fingers and oven fries, then laundry was done by both my sister and me.  I am down in the basement trying to get my clothes washed and dried so that I can take things with me to Banff.  Some of the things are hang to dry so they may take a little longer than I have.

I'm now getting ready for bed and watching Storage Wars, which is insane.  Usually I stay tuned to the Food Network but I'm trying something else.

I'm not sure what I'll get up to tomorrow.  Come on back and find out.  Until tomorrow....

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