November 19, 2015

Thursday - Clear and cool

An okay day.

I woke up the first time this morning to the blaring of my husband’s alarm clock.  He had forgotten to turn it off when he got up.  I sleepily turned it off, went to the washroom and then went back to bed, closing the door behind me.  I didn’t wake up again until 9.  Yes, I overslept.  Usually no big deal, but F had forgotten to take out the garbage and I was too late to do it.  Oh well.  I guess it is going to be smelly in the hallway.  

I had a good morning.  I read a newspaper that an ex-student had brought back from Hawaii for me and then checked my email and such. I did a workout, but not as long as the last couple of days.  It was 30 minutes long however, so nothing to sneer at.  

For lunch today I had some stew and I had it fairly early as I had planned to go and get my hair cut.  However, I was quite upset still about the fight I had with F last night, so I couldn’t get motivated to leave.  

I didn’t watch much TV this afternoon, I did quite a bit of reading and enjoyed that for a change.  

In the late afternoon, I walked to the post office to mail off a postcard and was surprised to see a huge flock or murder if you prefer of crows.  They were flying overhead and it was rather scary.  They were almost swarming over the neighbourhood and at first it was rather cool as they were quite high up.  Later, it wasn’t as cool as they were a bit closer.  A large group of them decided to land on the school near the post office and I could actually hear their wings beating. I’m not really good at guessing how many birds were there, but I’d say 500 would be a conservative guess.  I actually came home a different way so I wouldn’t have to go by them again.  

When I got home I basically waited for F to come.  I wasn’t sure if he was going to come home with an attitude or not.  He didn’t, but he was a bit late.  He brought in the shopping bags so I asked if he’d been shopping for our dinner.  He said he hadn’t.  

After a bit of neither of us being friendly or unfriendly, I asked about going for dinner.  He said okay, and off we went.  At first, I planned for Gusto or Cocos, but I had left my phone at home and didn’t have the Gusto App.  I suggested Bikkuri Donkey!! as an alternate, and we had dinner there.  

Bikkuri Donkey!! had a couple of nabes on special, so we each had one.  I had a spicy one with tofu, udon, a fried egg and a hamburg patty, F had one that wasn’t spicy and had grated daikon with udon.  He added on rice and miso soup to his.  

After dinner, which was surprisingly yummy, we bought a few groceries for tomorrow night.  I’m going to use up the pasta sauce and add pancetta to it.  It sounds good to me.  We have to use up the sauce tomorrow.

When we came home we each watched a bit of TV.  I watched the first episode of Bones in Season 9 and did a little crochet.  That was nice.  I also caught the first episode of The Affair.  I’m a bit meh at the moment.

I am hoping that we can keep things friendly over the weekend too.  It is F’s birthday and we’re going away.  I won’t be here this weekend, so please don’t miss me too much!  I should be here tomorrow night however, so come on back and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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