February 19, 2016

Friday - Thundery, but clear in the evening.

A good day.

Today I overslept just a tad.  I was up before I missed very much of The X-Files though.  Yay.  I had some tea and today I made myself some oatmeal, so had that with my tea.

I didn’t fall asleep on the couch today, so watched the shows and then just before 1 I did a two-mile walk/workout.  It felt quite good.  I did it with shoes on and used the band again.  

After I worked out, I went into the kitchen and started preparing my slow cooker for dinner.  I wanted to make a vegetarian stew that I’d seen on Facebook.  I got it started and then put everything in the slow cooker and left it.  It was later than I had hoped by then, but dinner wouldn’t be at an unreasonable time.  

I had a quick lunch of half an avocado and some bacon on toast and read a bit of my book too.  I’m in the midst of The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes.  I’m enjoying it as much as I usually enjoy her stuff. 

I quickly scanned my cards and then walked them off to the mailbox.  On the way back, I popped into the little vegetable shop near the post office and bought some spinach to go in the stew.  

When I got home, F called to say he was on his way home, and I washed the spinach and got it ready to go in the stew.  

F came home around 6 and I told him that dinner wouldn’t be ready until 7 ish.  That’s when we’ve been eating lately anyway.  I looked for our can opener and had a really hard time finding it…it had fallen over the back of the drawer and I had to pull out the drawer and fish around with my arm.  I wasn’t best pleased as I was trying to get things done quickly.  F got a case of the vapors and went to lie down in the bedroom.  

I took some of the towels that had fallen out of the drawer to put in my laundry basket and asked him how he was.  I checked that he would still eat with me and he said he would.  

I opened the coconut milk and added it and the spinach to the stew and then it was just a few minutes until dinnertime.  

We had lemon pepper chicken, curried vegetable and chickpea stew, plus salad and it was very nice.  I really enjoyed it and would like to make the recipe again.  I had to substitute a few things, but overall I think the recipe worked really well.  

F did the dishes and then during Castle I went and sat on the couch and did some knitting.  My hat is going a bit better this time.  F snoozed on the couch after I went back to my computer, and in fact is still there.  He’s tired and achy, poor thing.

Tomorrow I hope we’ll see a movie and we have to go to the glasses shop to see about getting me a new pair of glasses.  I’m wondering about getting a pair of glasses for all times rather than just when I need to read.  I tend to wear my specs all the time at home anyway.  

Come back later and find out what my Saturday was like.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Yum! You always seem to find really good recipes, like the curry stew. Sounds like a perfect winter dish. (We're hardly in the middle of winter here--it's been in the upper 70s all week and all the plants are budding out--but I might have to make a good, hearty stew for dinner this weekend anyway.)

Helen said...

The stew was good. I had to adapt a few things as I didn't have them, but other than that, I liked it! I follow The Kitchn on Facebook and this was one of their recipes.

I didn't have diced tomatoes so I used a small can of tomato sauce. I probably should have added more broth/consomme. I didn't have any cauliflower so I used broccoli and it all disappeared in the stew! I made a half version...oh, and I added a carrot since I had one in the fridge. Here's a link to the recipe if you want to check it out.