May 9, 2016

Monday - Warm and Sunny

An okay day.

After the fun and excitement of the last week, it was hard to go back to our usual routines this morning.  However, I managed to get up before 9 am and in an amazing stroke of luck, saw Shaun Cassidy on Murder She Wrote.  He was my teen idol, not my first, but probably my second one.  It was very nostalgic watching him on TV again!  I had tea and cereal for breakfast again and enjoyed it.  I missed doing that when F was around.

In the later part of the morning, I got ready for a workout, and then did one.  I did an easier one because it has been a while and I wanted to see how my leg was.  The workout was fine for it, I have a big bruise there now, but it only hurts if I put it down on something.  

F didn’t come home for lunch which was great for me.  I watched some of the TV on the DVR and then erased it.  I did a few things on my computer and then had lunch.  After lunch, I took a shower.

I started to get set up for dinner.  I picked over the berries, I prepped some broccoli and the baby lettuce and then waited for F. I waited more.  He didn’t come home until 7ish, but hadn’t gone to his mother’s yet.  

I had everything ready for dinner except the cooking of it and when he came home I asked if I should start cooking and he said no.   So, I cooked for myself then washed all of my dishes.  I was rather annoyed because it wouldn’t have taken long and it was a pretty nice dinner, but his loss.

He moped around the living room, watched some sports on the TV and then went into the bedroom and threw himself on the bed.  Since my show just started, I changed the channel.  Then he came back.  I did offer to let him have the TV back again, but he passed.  

We had some berries with vanilla Greek yogurt and then I did my thing and he did his!  I worked on my purse a little.  I cut out the pattern and also sewed on the button.  Now it looks like a clutch.  The button we picked is beautiful, really beautiful on it.  One more thing done.  Yes!

That’s about it. Tomorrow I’ll have to mail the Postcrossings that I wrote out tonight, but it’ll be nice to have an “excuse” to get out of the apartment again.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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