July 21, 2016

Thursday - Sunny and hot

A good day.

I woke up early so that I could go to a movie if I wanted to, but decided to skip it and sleep a bit more.  I ended up sleeping a lot more instead.  Sigh.  Still, I got up and had my breakfast and tea, and that was great.

I decided that today’s project had to be my niece’s birthday present, so I wrapped everything and then boxed it up and then wrapped the box. That took a while.  Then, I still had to scan the postcards I wrote last night.  I was trying to get them all done, but realized that I wouldn’t make it before the post office shut.  I decided to ask my husband to take me to the main branch if he finished work in time.  

Luckily for me, he did finish in time and graciously took me there.  We sent off the package after the woman checking very thoroughly that I hadn’t packed any dangerous goods in it.  (I hadn’t!  I like my niece and have no wish to send her something that would harm her!)

We came home afterwards.  F called his mother to see if she needed him tonight, but she didn’t.  I took a quick shower and then we talked about dinner. We both had the same idea, so went to Kintaro Sushi tonight.  

I didn’t have a lot of sushi, I had the sashimi plate and a few bits of sushi and miso soup.  It was nice.

We hit up the grocery store for a few things and surprisingly, they were selling cartons with a dozen eggs in them! I’ve only ever seen cartons of 10 here, or 6 occasionally.  I was quite surprised.  I got one as I’m planning eggs for dinner tomorrow.

We came home and F wanted me to go for a walk.  I said no at first because I’m finding that I need a break sometimes, but decided that I’d go for a shorter walk.  Last night we were out for almost an hour and walked a long way, tonight was closer to 30 minutes and walked a couple of kilometres. We didn’t go to a convenience store either.  

At home, I watched most of Bones while F had some snacks.  I decided that I’d make myself some popcorn, so did that.  That’s really about it.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to do a bit of laundry and try and stay cool.  I also have a project that I need to start for my woman’s group.  And the table runner for my sister needs to be finished as well! 

Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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