July 26, 2016

Tuesday - Rainy in the morning, hot and humid 

A good day.

I overslept again.  I woke up early enough, but instead of getting up, decided to snooze for an extra 20 minutes.  That turned into two hours, so that isn’t good. Sigh.

However, I had breakfast and tea and then got dressed, made the bed, the usual.  F came home for lunch today, which was odd as he hasn’t come home in a bit.  In the afternoon I took a shower and did a few computer things before running off to the post office and then grocery store.  

I had found a recipe last night and decided to do it today since I had almost all of the ingredients.  I picked up a few at the store and then came home and started to make it.  

F came home just as I had started to cook it, but it didn’t take that long to finish.  I also made a big pot of quinoa for myself too.  Tonight’s dinner was an almost vegetarian dish, Easy Chickpea and Potato Curry.  If I had a different kind of stock cube, it would be vegetarian…probably even vegan.  I served it up to F and he seemed to like it.  I liked it a lot too. I’m just glad that I didn’t use all the cayenne pepper that was called for!

A little bit after dinner, we went for a walk.  We tried a new route tonight and it was quite good.  F wasn’t feeling that great again.  His accident seems to have caused some extra pain in his back. We stopped in at a convenience store again for treats.  Sigh. 

We came home, had our treats and a little while later I watched some TV.  I wrote a few postcards tonight too.

Soon, I’ll be going off to bed and that’ll be it for another day.  Tomorrow I hope to get out of the apartment, although I might not do all that I’d like to.  We’ll see.

Come back in a little while and see what my Wednesday is like.  Until tomorrow….

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