July 28, 2016

Thursday - Hot and humid, sunny

A good day.

I finally didn’t oversleep.  However, I didn’t sleep for much of the night.  I went to bed late, but all the coffee that I drank at dinner, plus the excitement/horror at killing a mukade before going to bed meant that I wasn’t able to sleep until a lot after it started to get light.

I had an okay morning.  I ate my overnight oatmeal and decided that it was a bit sour.  I’ve tried it again tonight, with half yogurt and half soy milk.  I hope it works.  

I took my shower in the morning and had lunch at home too.  F came home for his lunch and then popped out again.  He didn’t come home again until 2ish.  We went over to city hall and got the tax paper that he needed.  Yay for that.

Then we had some time so went to East, the Grand El Sun’s cafe and had a drink and some gorgeous cake.  It was to die for.  Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.  Yum.  We went to the Internet cafe for a few hours.  F needed the massage and I just didn’t have anything pressing to do.  I was watching a documentary and fell asleep on it.  I woke up about 30 minutes later, groggy and not really sure where I was!

We left after our 3 hours were up and went for dinner.  We went to a fish restaurant and it was quite nice, just noisy.  In the evening it becomes more of a drinking place and there were some younger ladies making a lot of noise.  F and I each had raw fish on rice dishes, he had a mixture and I had tuna, and we shared an order of pad thai.  It wasn’t great, but it was okay.

We visited the nearby drug store and then our grocery store.  Tomorrow’s dinner will be eggy and leftover-y.  I’m looking forward to it.  Too bad I’m the one that has to cook it!

We didn’t walk tonight.  F is tired and hurting, and my semi-recurring foot problem is bugging me, so decided to take a night off.  When we came home, F put away the groceries, hung up his laundry and went to bed.  That was a tad sad, but understandable. I stayed up and watched some telly and wrote up a few postcards.  

Now then, I hope you’ll excuse me.  I am still tired and I need my beauty sleep.  Come back in a bit and we’ll see what kinds of excitement I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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