September 4, 2016

Sunday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I slept in this morning, later than usual.  F didn’t go out and get his hair cut, nor did he visit his mother.  He watched something on YouTube on the couch.

When I finally got my act together we went to Naa, the farmers restaurant and had a long and delicious meal.  They had to re-make a few things, so it took longer.  No problems though.

We went to Mikawa Shopping Mall in the afternoon.  F got his hair cut and I went shopping.  I tried on some clothes in the ladies department and had an interesting thing happen.  Usually, I just grab the largest size of anything and take it to the changing room. If it fits, it is a miracle and I often buy it just because.  Well, today, I grabbed the largest size of jeans that they had and when I put them on, they were too big.  I wanted to dance around the changing room, but it was too small!  F finished his hair cut and came and met me.  I tried on a smaller size of jeans and they fit quite well, but I didn’t buy them.  I have some jeans right now anyway, and since the ones I have still mostly fit (although one pair is a tad baggy) decided not to get them.  The other things I tried on were okay, but again, I think I could have tried a smaller size in all but one of them…which I didn’t like because of the cut.  So, no money spent, but an ego boost.

F and I bought a few things like socks and I also got a paper making kit.  It is for kids, but I’ve always been interested in making paper.  Plus, the paper is postcard sized and we all know that I like postcards! I have been eyeing the kit for a while, and it went on sale.  I got it for about a quarter of the original price. Yay.

We had a drink in Seattle’s Best and then drove to an electronic shop.  We looked at cameras for F.  He didn’t buy one, he’s just looking for one.

We followed that up with a quick trip around Don Quihote.  We mostly bought food, although I did buy a lightning USB cable for my computer to replace one that has gone a bit wonky.  I got pink so F won’t steal it :-)

We drove into Tsuruoka and went to the Internet Cafe. It wasn’t busy today so we spent a couple of hours on the massaging chairs and then a couple of hours at karaoke.  We had our dinner there too. It was okay, not great, but mine was quite nice.  I am a semi evil person.  F was watching a movie when we were in the massaging chairs booths and I sort of suggested that we leave to go to karaoke.  The reason…it was the movie that I got him for his anniversary present.  At least I know he will enjoy it!

Karaoke was great.  They actually had Elle King’s Ex’s and Ohs so I did that one a couple of times, plus a bunch of my usual songs.  Yay.

We came home via the grocery store.  I got enough food for three days for a change.  F has to work next weekend, so I’m trying to change up the week a bit. 

Came home, watched The Mentalist and did a bit of crochet then watched an old Cold Case.  That’s about it.  Tomorrow I hope to tackle the tatami room a bit as I’m sure the fire alarm inspection will happen soon.  They never give me enough warning and F just never takes it seriously. 

Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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