September 8, 2016

Thursday - Rainy and Humid, Cooler

Another bad day.  

I woke up fairly early so that I could check to see if F took out the garbage when he left.  He did, so I went back to bed for a little.  After that, I got up and watched The X-Files and then Burn Notice.  I enjoyed my breakfast and my tea too.

F didn’t come home for lunch, so I got to enjoy my time alone.  In the afternoon, I decided to clear off my side of the kitchen table.  It has become a dumping ground for F’s crap over the years.  I asked him to clean it off at Christmas and he didn’t, and it has been driving me nuts.  So, today, I cleaned it. When I finished my side, I did the other side for good measure too!  I threw out a bunch of flyers and crap we didn’t need, and made two piles of papers for him.  Some was stuff that I thought he might need, the other was things that I thought were garbage, but really should be looked at just in case.  It took ages.  I also cleaned the coffee pot and threw out a bunch of old jars and junk that I didn’t really want.  

F popped home for a minute in the middle of me doing that and then left again. He didn’t seem too impressed with me.

When he came home a few hours later, he was still incredibly rude and angry.  I tried to explain about the two piles of stuff, so he did what he always does.  He got a box out and put all the stuff from the table in a box and put it in the tatami room.  I’m quite sure that he’ll never open it again unless he needs something from the box.  

He started making himself some ramen and since I hadn’t even had lunch yet and didn’t want to stay home any longer, I got changed.  I went out.  

I walked over to Bikkuri Donkey!! and had dinner, read a bit of my book too.  After that, I went to the drugstore for a few things.  When I came out of the drugstore it was pouring rain.  I am so glad that I had my umbrella with me!  I walked to the grocery store and bought myself some fresh tomatoes and a bag of English muffins. Next up, I went to McDonalds and had a McFlurry and a drink and read my book again.  A bit after 9 pm I made my way home.  

F and I had a big fight and it wasn’t good.  He was still upset about the paper I ripped up, said he couldn’t believe that I had done it.  He tried to tell me that he was very interested in the places I had listed and that was why he was so upset that I ripped it up.  If he had actually BEEN interested, I wouldn’t have ripped up the paper.  I was upset because I’d spent 2 hours with my guide book deciding what would be interesting to see and he spent 3 minutes looking at the tour company’s “free tour” and deciding he would like it better because of the free lunch.  I told him tonight that I won’t go on the free tours that he has booked because I’m not interested in them.  He said that I had to because it was only for two people.  I said just tell them I’m sick, you can still go, but he’s really furious.  We both would like to cancel the whole bloody trip now, but can’t because he won’t be able to get any money back.  I’m sick about the whole thing.  I told him I’d fly back to Canada from Seoul if he’s not careful.  

I asked if we could discuss it later when the weekend is over, but I’m not sure that he even wants to do that now.  I’ve been cast as the villain in his life and I’m afraid that he won’t change his mind.  

Thankfully he went to bed a little bit later and has stayed in the room.  I did watch a bit of TV and have calmed down a bit.  I am quite sad, I was really looking forward to this trip, but now I’m dreading it.  Last year at this time I was getting ready to go to Canada and I was so excited, this year I won’t be able to go.  I’m not sure why F is so upset about things. I know he’s stressed at work, but I’m not sure why he can’t see that yelling at me makes it worse.  

Well, hopefully I’ll be blogging at you again tomorrow night.  Don’t worry if I end up taking a night or two off.  I’m still here, but I may need an early night or two to support F and his work.  Come back later and see if this whole thing has blown over or not.  Until tomorrow…..

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