October 27, 2016

Thursday - Sunny but cool

A good day.

I got up at my usual time and of course watched The X-Files.  It was okay.  Mulder isn’t in these ones, Scully is working with the guy who played the T1000, Robert Patrick.  He’s okay, but he isn’t Mulder.  Obviously.

I took a shower and then got dressed and waited for my friend to arrive.   This is not the usual friend I go out with, this one lives in Tsururoka.  She picked me up and we went to S-Mall to get something for lunch and then headed on to her apartment.  We ate there and then chatted and talked for the next few hours.  

Around 4 pm she brought me back to S-Mall where I went in and hacked around the hundred yen shop for a bit and then went to Doutors for some tea and a sandwich.  I actually began writing my column too, so yay me!

F called me a little before 6 and then came and joined me.  We both had a cup of tea and decided to go to Kintaro Sushi for dinner, since we hadn’t been in ages.  Well, I hadn’t, apparently he took his mother one day when I was away!

We went for sushi and it was nice.  It was still really quiet when we went there, but the sushi was as good as ever.  I had the sashimi plate too, so that I could get a few more bits of fish.

We followed dinner up with a trip to the drugstore and then to the grocery store.  Tomorrow’s dinner is going to be pasta with shrimp.  

I watched Bones and darned in more ends of my poncho.  It’s going a little faster now that I have an idea of how to darn in on some of the stitches.  I also watched Elementary and enjoyed it too.  

Tomorrow I really must write more of my column.  Since I have the movies and the topic it isn’t too bad this month, the column should write easily. I hope.

Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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