October 30, 2016

Sunday - Cool but sunny

A good day.

I slept in this morning and it was lovely.  When I got moving, F asked if I’d like to go for lunch.  Well, of course I would.  

We got dressed and then tried to go to Naa, but their parking lot was full.  F kept driving and we ended up at Bistrot des Ponts in Mikawa.  Yay!  We were able to have lunch there and it was nice.  We had their lowest priced meal for a change, and it was chicken saute with mashed potatoes. It came with kabocha soup, rice or bread and a drink.  I of course had the bread which was great.  We added on dessert which was a tart tartine and that was nice too.  

Over lunch, I asked F if we could go over to Mikawa Mall to look for a present for my sister.  Her birthday is next month.  I also wanted to look at yarn since I may have to make a blanket or two in the next few months! He was amenable, so off we went.  

I looked at yarn, but didn’t buy any.  I did look at clothes and got something for my sister.  I was sorely tempted to look at clothes for me too, but I’m still trying to cull my wardrobe, so that wouldn’t have helped at all! In the mall we stopped at Mister Donuts to have a coffee and a doughnut and then went to Seattle’s Best Coffee for a Java Kula.  They had Biscoff flavoured ones today and they were quite nice.  

We came home for a while and vegged in front of our computers for a bit.  Around 6:30 F asked if we should go and have dinner so we negotiated a place.  We went to a new restaurant, Sanuki Udon.  It’s a Japanese Fast Food place that sells udon.  It was okay, just quite busy.  It only opened a week ago so I understand that.  F had some tempura with his, I didn’t.  We had a larger than normal bowl and got charged for a smaller one. F fretted a lot about it and then during a lull in the crowd tried to pay more!  They told him that it was their mistake so not to worry about it.  

After dinner we bought a few groceries in the nearby store and then visited their hundred yen shop.  I picked up a few little things, nothing major.  After that, home again.  On the way home, F asked if I’d like to go for a walk, and I said I would if it was something like walking to McDonalds for a coffee.  (I think I’m getting rather obsessed about coffee these days…anyone else think that?) He said that was okay, so we got changed into warmer gear and went out.  We walked to McDonalds and had Cafe Mochas.  I think mine had too much milk for me because I can’t breathe, my nose has completely plugged up.  Sigh. 

We walked home again and just spent a quiet evening at home.  We didn’t watch much TV, just spent time on our respective computers.  

Tomorrow I must finish working on my column and I am also planning to cook a big dinner, so I hope that works out too! However, if I don’t get some sleep, I won’t be of any use tomorrow, so I’m going to run now!  Come back later and see if I manage to do all I want to do.  Until tomorrow….

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