November 1, 2016

Tuesday - Rainy

A good day.

I overslept today, and missed The X-Files completely. Sigh.  I had some coffee and my coffee-flavoured overnight oats.  They were okay, but I’m not sure that I’d bother again!

F came home for an early lunch today and then went back to work.  I had noticed that a movie I had wanted to see for a long time was on in the afternoon so I watched it.  I had lunch while I did that and rather enjoyed my food.  It was leftovers, but they were yummy! 

After the movie I checked my column one last time and then mailed it off to the editor.  

In the evening, I washed the dishes and then I started to heat up dinner.  I put the curry on, set the table and also got ready to cook some mushrooms.  When F came home, I asked him when he’d like to eat and he said five minutes ago.  So, I got everything ready and…he didn’t come to the table.  I was so annoyed. I put out my food and sat down and ate.  F came over a bit later.  I think I’ll ask him if I should give him 30 minutes when he gets home.  He never is ready for dinner and then I have to wait which isn’t fair when my dinner is getting cold.  

After dinner, I got into a bit of a heated discussion on Facebook with someone.  Hopefully it won’t get nasty, but it ticked me off too. 

Around 11 I made us some decaf tea and F and I each had some cookies.  That was a nice treat, even though I shouldn’t have!  

I wrote up 3 postcards tonight and scanned them, and my recent received cards too.  I have gotten a lot of cards lately. That took a while.  I’m watching Project Runway and thinking about bed now.

I will be having lunch out tomorrow with a friend, so that is nice. I’m looking forward to it.  I haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks and we have things to talk about.

Come back a bit later and see what my Wednesday is like.  Until tomorrow…


Anonymous said...

Yay! You got your column done!!! The deadline totally took me by surprise. I basically wrote my report yesterday, but today will get it in shape with photos. So glad of the deadline extension.

Helen said...

Yes, I hd it written before the deadline change. I just usually check it a couple of times before it was sent in. I don't think that she gave us the usual warning this month did she? I just knew it was coming. Fingers crossed it was okay!