December 27, 2016

Tuesday - Rainy and finally snowy

A good day.

I got up this morning on time to watch Nikita, the “new” morning show.  I always enjoyed it, so it is fun to re-watch it again. I had tea and breakfast, same old, same old!

F popped home for a quick bite, just as I was going to take my shower.  He ate and ran, I showered!  

A little while later, he came back and we decided to go out for lunch.  We chose one restaurant, but when we got there, it was already closed.  Sigh.  Instead, we ended up at a Japanese restaurant that we went to fairly often.  It was okay. I had oyako-don and F had ramen.  It was pretty good.  

F needed to hit up a bank machine and after he did that, we went for tea at Doutor.  Well, I had tea, he had coffee for a change.  It was a nice break.  Soon after, F dropped me off at home again.

I had a relaxing afternoon, watched the news and the tribute to George Michael on Nightline.  Sigh.  George, George, George.  He was only a little older than me.  Much too soon.  

I got ready to go to work, and I was just going to step out the door when F called to say he was finished and would drive me to work if I wanted.  Yay. In a couple of moments he was home, and drove me off.

I had two lessons tonight, the final two and I think they went quite well.  Afterwards, I handed the textbooks back in and left.  I enjoyed teaching again, but don’t really know if I would like it to be a regular gig.  

F picked me up and we went to Gusto for dinner.  I actually had the same thing I had last week, the cut steak and grilled vegetables and it was nice.  Today, F had tonkatsu curry and he said it was okay.  

We picked up a few groceries at the store and then came home.   Almost immediately, it was time for Criminal Minds, so I had to watch it.  I had a bit of couch time, but instead of crocheting, I did some finishing of squares.  I darned in the centres and also fixed the closing bit of the square.  

And really, that’s about it.  I had a nice day.  F has one more day of work and then he’s off for the rest of the year. I really hope he isn’t going to be glued to sports for the holidays…it is quite annoying when he does that!

Come back later and find out how Wednesday goes.  Until tomorrow….

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