January 14, 2017

Saturday - Snowy and cold

A good day!

I slept in a little bit this morning, but got myself up around 10.  I decided not to take a shower, so got dressed and had a cup of tea.  

F came home around 10:30 and we left for our doctor’s appointment.  We did the usual hurry up and wait thing.  I had brought my Sue Grafton (X) and I was so close to being done that I almost didn’t want to get called into the office!  No big whoop, we had our 5 second consult and then we were back to the lobby to wait and pay!  We got F’s medicine and then we were off to have lunch.  

We had lunch at the Grand El Sun.  It was very nice, but also, how shall I put this, very small!  Honestly, we had chicken almandine and we each got two tiny pieces of chicken breast.  It was very good though!

After lunch I requested that we go to S-Mall to get my bus ticket.  I am coming back from Sendai by myself next month, so need a seat on the bus!  We saw a sign in the mall that said the bus station is moving temporarily and today was the last day for it to be in the usual location.  They are going to redo it! Kind of yay…just hope it doesn’t take too long.  

We bought my ticket and then had a snoop around the hundred yen shop, followed by a cup of coffee at Doutors.  It was fun watching people.  We sat at the big central table and two women across from us were falling asleep.  It was a little odd.  When we were finished, we decided what to do and F asked when the movie was.  It was at 3:45, or in about 35 minutes.  I had planned to see the late show, but F wanted to go right away.  That’s what we did.

We went to see Miss You Already with Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore.  We both enjoyed it more than I thought we would.  I think Toni Collette is an amazing actress anyway, so was set to enjoy it!  
A quick look at the Machinaka Theater we saw the film in.  It's a very cool building-
a renovated silk factory! Sadly, this showing wasn't very busy.

After the movie, F suggested going to the Evil Place for dinner. I said it was okay because I haven’t been there in ages.  The Evil Place, for those not in the know, is a yakiniku buffet place.  The meat is okay, but they have a lot of other foods too.  Some are good, but some are very unhealthy Japanese foods. After an hour and a half we staggered out of the restaurant and came home.

We spent a fairly quiet evening at home.  I watched Project Runway at midnight and enjoyed it, then let F do a little channel surfing while I worked things on my computer.  I also finished my book.  Yay me! I liked it, but looking at the Good Reads reviews...I might be the only person who did!

That is about it for today.  I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  F should go to his mother’s in the morning, and I’ll probably sleep.  Come back later and see what our Sunday is like.  Until tomorrow…. 

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