January 26, 2017

Thursday - Sunny

An okay day.

I had a usual morning except F didn’t come home during it and I got a big box in the mail.  What was in the box?  Birthday presents!  No, it isn’t my birthday yet, but my sister was prepared and they arrived early.  She okayed my opening them, so I did.  I got a necklace and a towel from her trip to Hawaii and a t-shirt-y blouse that I really love.

I had a quiet day at home to be honest.  In the afternoon I finished cleaning up underneath my computer desk.  Now I just have to clean up my computer desk.  Sigh.  I watched a little telly and I had lunch too.

This evening I started to get things ready for dinner.  F and I have a huge bag of chips from Costco (it wasn’t MY idea to buy them) and they will expire soon.  I made some dip and also cut up some raw vegetables too so that we’d have something moderately healthy with them.  We also shared a doria that F bought recently.  He bought it for me, but I couldn’t eat it all by itself.  Dinner was quite good. I really liked my dill dip.  

In the evening I watched a double shot of Bones and did some crochet.  F is still not feeling well, although he sounded better than yesterday.  He doesn’t want to take tomorrow off work, but I wonder if he should do it and go to the doctor.  

Tomorrow I am having lunch with the lady from the next city over and then I’ll cook dinner for F and I.  I hope it’ll go well.  I’ll likely be doing more crocheting as well! Come on back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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