February 2, 2017

Thursday - Cold and snowy

An interesting day!

I had drunk coffee quite late last night, so when I tried to go to bed I couldn’t sleep. I lay awake again for ages.  Sigh.  The next thing I remembered was a very cold F getting back into bed with me around 8:00am.  What the heck?  He’d gone to work but became very dizzy and had taken the rest of the day off.  Oh no!

I managed to get up around 9 am and had some tea and porridge for breakfast.  F slept on for a while.  He got up around 11 and went to see a doctor, which I am really glad about.  When he came back, he said that the doctor said the dizziness might be from some of the new medicine another doctor had given him.  It really wouldn’t surprise me to be honest.  

We went for lunch to a pasta place that we’ve been a couple of times before.  We ordered, but sad to say, when our food arrived it was incredibly salty.  I managed to eat most of mine, but F left about half of his pasta.  The rest of the stuff was fine, salad, soup and bread was really nice, so maybe they over salted the water or something? Anyway….blech!

We tried to find me a new pair of boots after lunch, but I didn’t get any.  I can’t buy women’s boots here as they only go up to 25cm and I usually need 25.5 or 26, plus really wide ones.  I almost got a pair of mens boots, but thankfully, F suggested that I go and look at them in the mirror.  When I strode over to the mirror, I realized that they “broke” right over my instep and I wouldn’t be able to walk properly in them without pain.  Not worth it then.  

We went and had coffee at a local coffee shop and then came home.  I checked some email and was asked by a friend if I’d cover some classes for her again in a couple of months.  I think I will. Yay me.  

I got started on dinner.  I decided to try roasting some potatoes for the chicken I was making, and soon had them in the oven.  Between the smells of the chicken (cheese and garlic) and the potatoes with rosemary and sage, F became nauseated and went to bed.  Sigh.  I did wonder if he’d be able to eat, and he wasn’t.

I had a lovely dinner however, with lots of leftovers for my lunch and/or an early dinner before we leave.  And that’s another thing….I’m off for a few days!  I am going to Sendai to do a little shopping, movie seeing and just generally getting up to no good!*

Also tonight, I watched the Bones double shot and sewed a few squares together too.  Around midnight, F got up and wanted to go to the store, so I went with him.  When we came back, we had some sashimi and potato chips.  I also had a drink-drink! 

If I am moved, I’ll try and mobile blog, but I probably won’t!  Don’t miss me too much.  I’ll be back on Thursday or Friday of next week if all goes well.  Until…..

*Staid married lady-style of no-good!

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