February 21, 2017

Tuesday - Cold, snowy and windy

A good day.

I got up this morning on time and turned on the heater.  I did my usual morning things and enjoyed them as usual.  Boring I know. True though and I’ll miss my little routine when I have to give it up.

F came home for his lunch again and I worked on scanning my cards to send.  I got them done quickly as there were only three so far this week.  I also had to arrange some stuff to send to my sister, so did that as quickly as I could.  I planned to take some of F’s coins to the post office for him as well.  I got ready to take everything to the post office and got there a little after 3:20.  I started with the coins, deposited them and then paid for my envelope to go away.  I had put the postcards in the outside mailbox.  

Sadly I had to leave the nice warm post office, but not before I withdrew the money for the coins in something a little easier to carry.  I strode off home again.  

At home, I put out the money for F and then had my lunch.  Today it was simple.  I had a toasted onion bagel with some smoked salmon on it.  Last night we saw a packet of smoked salmon in the shop for half price.  Today was the last day on it and I got it.  F said he didn’t want any of it, so I ate the whole thing.  (It was less than 100 grammes, so don’t think it was a huge amount or anything!) It was amazing.  Really, one of the nicest lunches I can remember having!

I did dishes after 5 and F called to say he was coming home, but would soon go out again.  When he came home, he saw his money and told me I could have it.  Woot! Yay. 

While he was gone, I prepared the kitchen for dinner.  I wasn’t cooking tonight, but I know how nice it is to start from a clean kitchen.  Unfortunately, I usually am the one to clean it here!

F came home and made us a nabe.  I went out to the genkan and tidied up a bit and tossed a few things that I know we didn’t need anymore.  F has a lot of stuff out there, but I’m sure he won’t be going through it unless I make him.  

Dinner was good.  We’d bought a nabe soup base at the hundred yen shop on Monday and tried it tonight. It was a yuzu-chicken one and was pretty good for a hundred yen!  F couldn’t eat all that much again, I’m sad to say.

I did the dishes and then settled in to start my column.  I did do a little and I even watched most of a movie on YouTube to refresh my memory of it.  I need to finish it when I can.  I did a bit of knitting while I watched it too!

At 11pm I made myself some tea and went to the couch to sew and watch the Criminal Minds offshoot.  I LOVE Gary Sinise, but I don’t really like the show at all.  It comes over as being quite arrogant that these FBI officers go to other countries to “rescue” Americans.  Not sure I can say exactly why I don’t like it, but the attitude on the show is very similar to the attitude that the Americans that lived near us had in Norway when I was a child.  It was condescending, that’s how it seemed to me.  

Anyway, I watched another couple of things tonight and worked on my blogs.  That’s really about it for tonight.  

On Wednesday, I hope to spend more time on my column and also do some packing of things if I get the chance.  I also have to work on dinner, but F thinks he’ll be later so that gives me a bit of time I hope.  Come back later and see what happens.  Until tomorrow….

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