February 23, 2017

Thursday - Rainy, clearing at night

A good day.

I got up this morning a few minutes late, but was still able to watch ER.  I rather enjoyed it with my breakfast!  I stayed up, but ended up snoozing on the couch for a bit.  

After I dressed and did a few household chores I set up my slow cooker to make pulled pork.  I soon had the little device working away and left it to do its thing.  

I managed to get a handle on my column today and finished it.  I left it overnight to tweak it a little.  I always like to give myself a touch of distance if I can.  I’ll listen to it tomorrow and if it is okay I’ll send it to the editor.  

I watched some of the TV from the DVR and mostly enjoyed it, and then the news at 4 pm.  No big deal.  

F called me around 6:30 or 7 pm to say he was on his way home, so I made some coleslaw and then he was home.  I gave him a few minutes to get sorted out, but we had our dinner then.  It turned out quite well.  F didn’t eat a lot, but he did eat, so that was good.  We have enough to eat for dinner tomorrow night too.  Hurray for no cooking!

I did the dishes because F seemed to have disappeared again.  He did have the grace to apologize a little later.  But…he had asked if I’d like to go out tonight and I said yes.  

We went over to McDonalds and had a McFlurry and an iced tea each.  We chatted a little and took a selfie and then went over to the grocery store.  I’ve been going through soy milk and garbage bags like crazy, so I bought more of those!  I had bought a case of soy milk at Costco but I’m nearly finished it.  I didn’t think I used that much but I do.

We came home and at 10 pm I watched the New-to-us-in-English Hawaii Five-0 and quite enjoyed it.  I sewed a few squares together as well. Yay. 

That was about it.  F went to bed around midnight and then I started blogging.  I have also made plans to meet up with a friend for lunch tomorrow and of course I have to polish my column and do more packing and throwing out of stuff.  I did actually get around to doing a bit of that today.  I got a lot thrown out which was really satisfying!  Yay me.  

Come back later if you will and see how my Friday goes.  Until tomorrow….

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