February 27, 2017

Monday - Clear and Sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and got dressed right away. I boiled the kettle and got my breakfast ready before I turned on the TV.  I watched the Oscar pre-show and then of course the actual Academy Awards Event.  I Facebooked it with some friends in Canada and in Japan.  It was rather fun.

Speaking about the show…no huge surprises. It was nice that Mahershala Ali won for Moonlight…I used to watch him on The 4400 and he was also in Predators.  I was glad that Emma Stone won, although I would have enjoyed seeing Meryl take it again!  Jimmy Kimble’s schtick was quite funny and I just enjoyed today’s show.  The bit with the tour bus was fun, the musical numbers were good…but that ending!  Yikes!  I really feel for the La La Land gang, but from what I have heard Moonlight is very deserving of the Best Picture Award.  Everyone acted with honour in their situation, so there wasn’t a bad taste left in the audience’s mouth, so to speak.

Since most of the day had passed before the show was over, I accepted a package in the mail for F and then took a shower. 

After my shower, lunch was on the schedule.  I took a break for a bit and then started on dinner.  F called to say he was going to be late, since his mother wanted to go to an onsen tonight.  She had a coupon which was about to expire. I said it was fine, and it mostly was.

While F was out, I made some quinoa, washed the lettuce we bought yesterday and put together the ingredients I was using to make skewers.  When F called to say he was on his way, I started to grill them. I also made some miso soup from packets.  

When he arrived and was able to sit, we had a good dinner.  Everything was quite nice and F was able to eat for a change. Yay for that.

He did the dishes and afterward I realized that my silly teen show was on, so I watched it and did a bit of squares sewing.  I went a bit overtime as I remembered that the Oscars were usually rebroadcast, so got F to put them on so he could see some of it.  This year, he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

And that was about it.  F has gone to bed early and I am actually thinking about heading there soon too. I’m not sure if I really will though! 

Come back on Tuesday and find out what is going on with me.  Until tomorrow….

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