April 22, 2017

 Saturday - Cloudy and cool, some rain

A busy but good day.

This morning I was so tired when I woke up.  We slept in a little bit, but left the house before 8:30.  F wanted to see a new doctor, since the one he's been going to for a while is total crap.  He got a recommendation from his old doctor and today was the first time to see the new one.  He dropped me off at the apartment and then left.

I did a couple of small things for myself and then curled up on the couch and fell asleep! I started watching something on TV, but I just let myself go to sleep.  I couldn't really blame myself, I was tired.  I woke up a couple of hours later a bit stiff from sitting in a ball, but a bit more refreshed.  

I did some laundry and started to think about packing up some of the clothes on the bed.  F came back to the apartment around 1.  I think he liked the new doctor better.  We did a couple of things around the apartment and then went for lunch to Kappa Sushi.  It wasn't bad, and was kind of fun for a change.  It seemed quite a bit better than it used to be.  We both ate too much however.  It was fun to try different foods though.

We picked up some food for F's mother at the grocery store and took it back for her.  We had a few things in the car too, so unloaded them.  We then went back to the apartment for a while and brought back more stuff to F's house.  We made another trip, and even brought more food for F's mother.  

We went to the internet cafe tonight for our dinner and relaxation.  We found that they have new chairs, they are really nice and comfy.  Not as easy to use for me, but still enjoyable.  I watched a bit of regular TV and also some silly YouTube videos, but did a bit of knitting, so that was good.  

We left before 11pm and came back to the house.  We relaxed a bit, and F is snoozing away now. I'm going to go to bed soon too.  I might sneak in a chapter or two of Brat Farrar first though.  I'm re-reading it for the umpteenth time and I love it just as much this time too!

Tomorrow we'll be back at the apartment.  I want to get as much extraneous stuff as we can.  This is our last week and we really need to move our butts to finish.  I had planned to do some cleaning today but then I realized that I can do that when F is at work.  I can't take stuff to the house without him.  

Anyway, come back later and see what we get up to. Until tomorrow…. 


Anonymous said...

So glad you are back online. Wow, life is busy with you these days. I am glad the end is in sight. I really hope this new doctor works out for F. I have also been watching You Tube lately. It's great to have you back, x x x

Helen said...

Actually, I am still not back on line! I found a way to post via my phone! I haven't had time to try and set up the internet here.

Feel the same about this doctor.

Oh, I did watch one episode of that Show about the real Marigold Hotel. Brilliant. I want to see more!

Thanks for visiting:-)