April 28, 2017

Friday - Sunny but cool

A goodish day.

I practically fell asleep on my computer last night. I was reading 1984 and then I'd wake up 20 minutes later without understanding the paragraph I'd read 4 times already.  I called it a night and went to sleep.

This morning, F woke me up just after my alarm.  I wasn't sure why, mine goes off before his so I can have a snooze.  He was up, so I got up too.  We went off, stopping at 7-11 for coffees.  He dropped me off near our apartment and I walked in and then took out the garbage immediately.

I had a quiet morning.  I watched yesterday's ER and then today's, and had some breakfast too. After that, I got busy.  I worked on the kitchen table and finally got it cleared off and then cleaned.   By then it was lunch time, so F showed up to eat his lunch.  He left again, so I had my lunch.  

After lunch I did the dishes (this is so mundane…sorry) then started washing the walls.  I got the big one done in the spare room, and then moved the stepladder back to the genkan.  I cleaned the walls, the cupboard doors, the door to the apartment and around the fuse box.  Yay me.  It took a bit of doing because I am short and the walls are a bit high, but I got it done.  Yay.

After 5 pm I took a shower and then got a call from F to say he'd be late.  I took a break, had some coffee, and promptly fell asleep!  When he called again to say he was coming home, I was a bit groggy.

When he arrived, he was very tired.  He didn't want to do anything in the apartment.  He was in a lot of pain.  He suggested going to the Internet Cafe tonight, which I was okay with.  He called his mum and she asked for a bento.  We got her one and then dropped it off.  I picked up my knitting and off we went.  

We were lucky to be able to get the massaging seats and spent the next 4 hours in the comfy chairs.  We both had dinner there.  I had pasta which was okay but not great.  I watched some TV and also some YouTube.  When the first three hours were nearly up, I woke F up and asked if he was ready to leave.  He wasn't, so we stayed for another hour.  After that, I was really ready to go.  I woke him up again and this time we left.  F paid and off we went.  We went to 7-11 on the way home for some beverages and then went to the house.  

F is snoozing again.  I'm not too tired tonight, but I should go to sleep soon.  F is planning an onsen trip for him and his mother in the morning. That should give me another chance to try the internet and call for help if I can't get it to work.  Fingers crossed I can make the machines talk to each other as I am getting so very frustrated using my phone for everything.  Texting is not one of my pleasures!

Come back later and see if things work out, and if we manage to get anything out of the apartment!  Until tomorrow….

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