May 23, 2017

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, but rainy at night

A good day here, elsewhere not.

The first thing to talk about is that there was a terrorist bombing outside a concert in Manchester today.  Although I’m not very familiar with the young singer, the stories of the young people who were hurt or killed are so sad.  I keep thinking that it could have been my sister and my niece at the concert, if they lived there.  It’s the kind of thing that they do together. A horrible, horrible thing to happen.

In other news, F finally booked the movers.  I’m not exactly pleased though, he booked them for the last Monday of the month because the weekend was too expensive.  Right.  And, the fact that I have literally been asking you to book them for months means nothing to you? So, basically, we’ll have to do all the floors either after the movers are done, or the next day. Gah.  

Today I got to the apartment and took out the scrap metal garbage and then watched X-Files and last night’s ER.  I did do quite a bit of boxing up of things today.  I boxed up all of the plates left in the kitchen, my teapots and a few other things. I also emptied out the kitchen drawer and cleaned it.  I was going to take out the windows so I could do the outsides, but couldn’t manage to lift them out…and was too nervous to try really hard to do it!  

F was quite late tonight. He’d worked late and then gone to the office to book the movers.  I’m just glad he’s finally done it, although last weekend would have been sooooo much better.  

We went for dinner to his Taiwan restaurant that he likes so much.   It was terrible.  As usual.  The food isn’t very good and there’s too much of it.  I went against my instincts and had a set meal that was blah.  I discovered reading back through my blog that I’d had the same meal two or three years ago today and didn’t like it then either.  He was joking about going to the yakiniku buffet that is nearby, but honestly, I would have preferred it…if it was the same price.

We bought a few groceries in MaxValu and then came back to the house and unloaded the car.  We came upstairs and had a quiet evening.  

Tomorrow, I’m back to the apartment, but I might be going on a crafting lunch, I’m not completely sure.  Come back later and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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