May 7, 2017

Sunday - Warm and Sunny

A good day.

We got to sleep in this morning for the first time in ages.  I can’t tell you how nice that was!

We took F’s mother out for lunch today.  F chose a Japanese place that we went once before and it was fine.  The portions were rather big and F had to eat his ramen and half or more of his mother’s.  I laughed a bit about that.  We went to the glasses place and F got his glasses fixed.  They polished K’s  glasses and my glasses too, all for free.  Japanese service is pretty darn good.  Yay for that.

We dropped K off at the house and then we went out for coffee.  F does this thing lately where I think we’ve agreed on a place to go and then he changes it at the last moment.  He did that with lunch (about twice) and he did that with our coffee thing.  I was hoping to go to either Doutors in the mall or to Aomoriya downtown.  Both places have free wifi.  Last minute he switched us to an old style Japanese kissaten with no wifi.  It was still a good place to have coffee, but since I really wanted to check a few apps on my phone, not very helpful!

After coffee (very nice, Kilimanjaro blend) and cake, we went to our apartment and got to work.  F did a lot of things but made me a bit annoyed.  He did stuff that I can do during the week.  I wanted him to do stuff that I CAN’T do.  I mean, I can clean, but I can’t sort his stuff.  Well, I can try, but I won’t do a good job of it.  Bah.

Today I sorted a few things in the bathroom and also did a bit of cleaning myself.  I cleaned around the tap and faucet in the sink area.  I also washed a bathmat, although it wasn’t a success.  

We bought a few groceries for the apartment and then brought the stuff back to F’s house.  We unloaded the car and gave K her food.  Then, we headed out again.  F had found a restaurant that was new to us on his cellphone, so we wanted to try it.  

We went and it was okay.  He’d sort of told me it was a classy Japanese restaurant, so when we got there and they had things like tonkatsu and hambagu set I was a tad disappointed.  Still, it was fine, and the food was good.  I don’t mind eating Japanese food as long as I get a break from it.  Sadly, since I’ve been back in Tsuruoka that’s all I’ve had and I’m not too happy.  Tomorrow’s dinner had better not be Japanese!

We hung out at McDonald for a while so I could get some wifi…it’s not just for me, F needs it too.  We had a couple of coffees and then came back to the house.  

That’s about it. I’ve caught up on some internet stuff and checked email too.  I’m tired and tomorrow’s alarm is going to be too early for me unless I fall asleep an hour ago.  Oops.  Come back later if you like and see how Monday goes.  Until tomorrow….

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